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About the wiki

We love narwhals!
This wiki is about video games and narwhals.
Can I have a wiki here?
Yes if it gaming related (games, game programming, mods, walkthroughs, faqs, etc). To start a wiki make an article for your main page, such as LotS, and make sure to include the important info like name of game and link to it or explain what it is. Admins will add it to the sidebar and Main Page for you automatically or if we are being slow start a thread on Zoycite's talk page.
Everything else

All other inquiries can be sent to the official gmail account .

What's new on

Jan 29, 2024
Updated wiki to 1.40
-- Zoycite
Jan 25, 2024
Updated wiki to 1.35.14 and fixed some bugs
-- Zoycite

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Feel free to edit the wiki any which way you see fit. Edits which are not constructive may be reverted.

If you have a particular need or request related to the wiki or simply wish to leave feed back contact one of the people below.


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