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New Template 202:50, 25 February 2018
Something broke...406:55, 28 November 2017
Are you able to fix this for me200:54, 27 September 2017
Cannot edit LotS Officers page215:36, 18 July 2014
DPL214:01, 11 July 2014
Lots of Lots/ItemLink render an erroneous ]]620:48, 23 April 2014
Please delete duplicate page209:45, 18 November 2013
Hel.jpg or LotS_Hel.jpg? 415:25, 17 October 2013
Lots GD rebuild: good way to do?416:41, 9 September 2013
pages to be delete410:25, 21 August 2013
Errors on certain LotS item pages618:10, 29 July 2013
LotS z18 missing Bouncer Bot info100:02, 23 April 2013
Disappearing headers and how to fix them112:52, 14 April 2013
Google Complaint about Cuckold Courier Cindy/Mark112:06, 13 April 2013
Some magic wiki trick for tables of unknown size ?308:41, 17 January 2013
Pages with broken file links204:23, 11 January 2013
Ads on the LotS wiki211:17, 15 December 2012
Another varpull question310:43, 15 December 2012
LoH story pages413:47, 21 November 2012

New Template

Would you be able to make this into a template please. Would be similar to the Template:LoA/Item one. I tried my best to explain it in the image there is also a reference to the in-game image. Hope you can understand and do it :)

A5ho9999 (talk)22:16, 20 February 2018

i can make the template yes. However there is a problem.

What exactly is the difference? I don't quite understand.

It is usual that we add the feature to the main template.

Zoycite (talk)21:29, 24 February 2018

I'm not sure how it would be added to the main template if it requires a different layout with images and text? The template for Items is for Items, Equipment. Stuff that a player can have in their inventory. The template I'm asking for is a Khaos Card which doesn't stay in an Inventory. If that makes sense.

A5ho9999 (talk)02:50, 25 February 2018

Something broke...

Nevermind, was able to fix it.

A5ho9999 (talk)23:00, 3 October 2017

Can you please reset these of all images, I messed up and just made it worse when i tried to fix it... Thank you.

A5ho9999 (talk)05:03, 17 October 2017

I am not 100% sure what you mean about reset.

I went ahead and gave you admin permission so you can delete images in wiki.

Zoycite (talk)03:26, 28 October 2017

ty ty, i did fix it but it was delayed is all.

A5ho9999 (talk)03:49, 28 October 2017

Different topic, didn't wanna start a new thread. Is it possible to make a search bar similar to what Control+F does where you can search for certain things on that page?

A5ho9999 (talk)06:55, 28 November 2017

Are you able to fix this for me

With the section the Skill description does not fit inside the box, is it possible for you to fix it please?

A5ho9999 (talk)05:45, 18 September 2017

try putting span tags around the description to make the font smaller.

</span style="font-size=60;">...</span>
Zoycite (talk)23:44, 24 September 2017

It didn't seem to work, just messed up the format. Or I'm just stupid lol

A5ho9999 (talk)00:54, 27 September 2017

Cannot edit LotS Officers page

What the title says. I wanted to add two new officers (Ayesha & Bad News Balbi) to the list, but after I clicked on the save page option, nothing happened for about a minute or so. Then the browser dropped me at which was a completely blank page. Tried it several times over the course of several days, both in Chrome and Firefox, nothing helped.

Warfoki (talk)14:36, 18 July 2014

we may have hit a expensive parser function call limit. Looking into it.

Zoycite (talk)15:26, 18 July 2014

i have fixed the page and added the two officers.

I think we need to come up with a new solution using some of the DPL stuff Lorak is messing with.

Zoycite (talk)15:36, 18 July 2014

curious did dpl get removed/disabled, was in the mood to play with it some more??

Lorak990 (talk)16:53, 10 July 2014

I will get it enabled this afternoon.

It must not have been properly installed prior to the SMW upgrade.

Zoycite (talk)11:01, 11 July 2014

Installed DPL

Zoycite (talk)14:01, 11 July 2014

Lots of Lots/ItemLink render an erroneous ]]

Hi zoycite, it looks like there's a bunch of pages on the Lots side of the wiki that show incorrect ]] ( The templates, items, and other things have not changed in most cases. Could you please check if there are any clues in the backend?


Greenkabbage (talk)10:27, 23 April 2014


I am not seeing the same thing on

It looks like there was a caching issue that was temporary. I will look into it further.


Zoycite (talk)10:45, 23 April 2014

You're right, Beth is fine now (sorry for not linking to her directly) :)

One candidate that's broken for me right now is

I read that #varpull (or the whole engine) caches stuff for much quicker, and less resource intensive way of doing stuff. Could stale caches be the culprit? I also read through some of the zoycite archives and read that the templates using #if and such cause a higher load. Is this still an issue/is this related to the issue?

Thanks for looking into it!

Greenkabbage (talk)10:53, 23 April 2014

It most definitely is the caching system in some way. I restarted both the web server and caching server. Seems a lot more operational now. Post restart the page started working.

I will bump the server memory up some more.


Zoycite (talk)12:09, 23 April 2014

Memory upgraded from 8G to 16G.

Zoycite (talk)12:14, 23 April 2014

Awesome, thanks so much! Haven't found any problematic pages so far. Good stuff :)

Greenkabbage (talk)19:19, 23 April 2014

Please delete duplicate page

Please delete this page: LotS/Lochagos Hellas Trireme

It is a duplicate of this page: LotS/Lochagos Hellas' Trireme

The page with the ' apostrophe should be kept, and the page without it should be deleted.

Yellow47 (talk)05:37, 17 November 2013


Plujan (talk)18:06, 17 November 2013

I see this has been completed. Please make sure to insert links to make it easier for whomever gets to it first thanks! Just put brackets around the item text, no need to be fancy.


[[LotS/Lochagos Hellas Trireme]]
Zoycite (talk)09:45, 18 November 2013

Hel.jpg or LotS_Hel.jpg?

this change made the image invisible to the users

Simon (talk)19:22, 27 September 2013

the images need to follow the prefix notation where is it being linked at?

Zoycite (talk)21:13, 27 September 2013

Found it.

Not happy with what I found out though. Will let other LotS admins know.

Zoycite (talk)21:15, 27 September 2013

seems this was an error in the original template, im going through and renaming/correcting the file names and templates but this could take a little while (sigh)

Lorak990 (talk)14:31, 17 October 2013

should be fixed now, all small raid images updated to LotS_ and templates adjusted for future raid creation.

Lorak990 (talk)15:25, 17 October 2013

Lots GD rebuild: good way to do?

Hello, I'm rebuilding the Lots Galaxydome page, and I have a doubt about the way I'm acting on the LotS/shops/galaxydome page. As you have several Stat rewards on several levels, with different values, I had to create 11 pages, and uploaded 11 copies of the same picture. Is this a problem? I prefer to ask before i finish the missing ranks.

Simon (talk)09:06, 7 September 2013

you should be able to do it only using 1 picture i would think without 11 copies.

I will have to look into the specifics of what you are trying to do.

Zoycite (talk)19:18, 8 September 2013

Ah I see, yeah I remember seeing the edit a sendible way to do it might be to have a variable image or something along those lines.

So each gd page might have some variable:

|image=LotS GD pass.png

Then you simply use that var if it exists instead of the default generation.

Zoycite (talk)19:30, 8 September 2013

Thanks for the tip. works on the item page, but not on the shoptable.


LotS/Power_Bonus_(2)   works well with |image=Power Bonus

but the table is still looking for the default image.

Simon (talk)15:01, 9 September 2013

typically what we do when we want to make a row in a table do something different than default is add a template parameter (positional or named you decide).

So you have the following now:

{{LotS/DomeShopRow|Galaxydome Passes}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|5 GD Passes}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|Attack and Defense Increase (1)}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|Attack and Defense Increase (2)}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|5 GD Passes(2)}}

what you should do is alter the template, Template:LotS/DomeShopRow so that you can do something like this:

{{LotS/DomeShopRow|Galaxydome Passes}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|5 GD Passes|alt_image=LotS GD Pass.png}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|Attack and Defense Increase (1)|alt_image=LotS AD Increase.png}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|Attack and Defense Increase (2)|alt_image=LotS AD Increase.png}}
{{LotS/DomeShopRow|5 GD Passes(2)|alt_image=LotS GD Pass.png}}

then in your template check for the existence of that variable. if positional (usually what we do), use 2; otherwise use the name. I am using the variable name alt_image for clarity.

{{#if: {{{alt_image|}}}|
no image / default normal behavior

hope this helps clarify.

This has been kept as general as possible to leave room for figuring out what you think will work best. if you still have problems I can try to assist some more. Obviously you can choose what to do and have a good idea of what templates already do, so just keep doing things that way :)

also I think some of the LoH pages have some form of the above procedure for when a card is duplicated such as Mighty Blow and Splash Damage, since they have enemy versions and player versions. So the wiki get 2 cards input into it as a result, but name alone won't work so the wiki has to resolve the display name somehow. This is relevant in the item row pages on LoH/Genesis/Event, as you can see in this page splash damage displays the correct name instead of the article name.

Zoycite (talk)16:33, 9 September 2013

pages to be delete

hi, the pages to be delete page has alot of jugg pages.. if you dont mind, please teach me how to find the problem with the pages.. regards uname

Uname (talk)12:41, 18 June 2013

This is the problem with the To Be deleted pages. It may not be accurate that those pages need to be deleted. Danxor tasked me with generating a list of pages matching a certina criteria, and that criteria is:

  1. the content is out of date an inaccurate, that is contains incomplete HTML tags, wiki syntax, or is outright broken.
  2. the pages are orphaned - no other page links to them.
  3. Juggernaut had no active maintainers at the time.

So if you would like to review the pages and save them from deletion candidates you can. Mostly they became candidates from the orphanage process, Making pages hard to find that are orphans that need to be referenced or updated.

Zoycite (talk)13:50, 18 June 2013

Creating the To Be deleted page, consequently made the pages no longer be orphans which removed the primary problem. So it kinda got left that way.

Zoycite (talk)13:51, 18 June 2013

sorry for I have been MIA for sometime. for the juggernaut game I think I will pause for some time as I cant continue the update due to the game big database.. I will try to update it but if u wanna delete the pages go ahead.

Uname (talk)18:32, 20 August 2013

Alright, The new item parser is still being worked on currently.

I will try to let you know when I finish it.

Zoycite (talk)10:25, 21 August 2013

Errors on certain LotS item pages

Edited by author.
Last edit: 18:10, 29 July 2013

Hey Zoy, I've been noticing errors on the LotS Item list pages. If you follow a link to one of the affected items, the links generate normally. For example, navigate to LotS/items/Officers, then search for Smeeg Valpug. If you look at the "Obtained" column on the far left, you should see "Please enter a valid raid name" displaying instead of a clickable link to the raid. If you open Smeeg Valpug's page, the raid links display properly.

I wrote the template to show the "please enter a valid raid name" text only when the user inputs a raid that does not exist.

I'm not sure what is causing this. It might also be an issue that only affects my computer, or affects other computers differently, but I have access to other computers to test this idea.

Klaxxin (talk)14:46, 9 November 2012

This issue is caused because there are a TON of parser functions on the page... This is occurring because we have a ton of things such as RaidLinks which use {{#ifexist}} 2 times. Every template with a {{# }} call in it costs a certain amount of processing time, and there is a max amount the wiki will do before stopping.

That is why the page gets Category: Pages with too many expensive parser function calls put at the bottom.

There are a few solutions here, we can remove some of the {{#s out of templates, which I looked into doing this to RaidLink but it appears both of them are needed based on how you are using it. Maybe we can find a few templates that don't really need the parse functions in them.

Another way to fix this is cut these pages into multiple pages, this of course has the issue of losing organization.

Obviously to make these pages work we don't want to cut any of the {{#varpull}}'s in the templates, so we need to find {{#if}}'s used for protecting from invalid data showing and remove them, and just trust people to input proper data.

Danxor (talk)17:01, 9 November 2012

Also on pages such as crew you can take various groupings of obtained such as

Decrypter's Armor (Proc Spawn) Flashheart's Nuclear Love Pants (Proc Spawn) Trendsetter's Boots (Proc Spawn)

And create this set as a single template that links to these 3 and put them on all the objects that use them... I know none of these solutions are ideal.

Danxor (talk)17:08, 9 November 2012

Basically what danxor said. If the problem gets to the point where we cannot maintain anymore then we need to look at some kind of extension.

Also minimizing the amount of formatting templates that are displayed helps too. There is a hard number of template expansions too. Which is the problem that LoH has on some of its larger card pages. I am considering removing some of the card text templates and just replacing with CSS

Zoycite (talk)04:58, 10 November 2012

Is there any way to force the wiki to render more {{#}}? That solution seems like the most obvious one.

I rewrote the raidlink template to use one less parser function. It seems to have cleared up some, but not all of the parser errors.

According to mediawiki, you can modify the expensive parser function limit:[1].

Klaxxin (talk)09:41, 10 November 2012

I tripled the default. I am a little paranoid about setting it too high since it does encourage a lot of nesting which is also bad.

Zoycite (talk)05:48, 11 November 2012

LotS z18 missing Bouncer Bot info


the LotS Zone 18- Playing With Fire (Part 2) has drops listed as :-

1. Noir Flashback Data - First Time Only 2. Pyrokinetic Healer 3. Master Assassin Takahiro

It is missing the Bouncer Bot drop which usually drops on NM. I got 3 bots from z18 and it is mentioned on LotS forum patch notes as well. Bouncer Bot is a crew: Robot, Melee, Strength with stats of 15/5

Sabre (talk)10:37, 20 April 2013

I believe I've corrected this oversight. See: Bouncer Bot. Thanks for notifying us.

Doomcat (talk)00:02, 23 April 2013

Disappearing headers and how to fix them

Hey zoy, sometime around the upgrade (I don't know if was caused by the upgrade, or just happened to happen at around that time) I noticed that the headers in the LoH story pages had disappeared. After doing some debugging, I was able to track down the cause: if you have a table with width=100% and align=left, it causes any following headers to disappear.

Fortunately the fix is easy: since align=left doesn't make sense if you have width=100% anyway, you can just take out align=left and everything works like it should. I fixed the offending templates for the LoH story, but I just wanted to let you know in case you notice this problem anywhere else on the wiki. Thanks!

Plujan (talk)17:33, 13 April 2013

excellent work. I think there are some problems in LotS sections maybe as well.

Zoycite (talk)12:52, 14 April 2013

Google Complaint about Cuckold Courier Cindy/Mark

I noticed you blanked a couple articles and referenced a google complaint, and labelled the change temporary. Is it okay to put it all back, or would it cause problems still? If it'd be a problem again and is automatic due to the names/wording, perhaps we could just use different names/wording that LoTS players would recognize and have an explanatory note on the item pages.

Feathin (talk)15:08, 12 April 2013

I had to blank temporarily because google emailed me saying that they were going to disable our ad sense account if i did not make changes in 72 hours to correct the adult content within 72 hours. I files an appeal but I have not heard back from google yet. Though I assume everything is fine now sine I files an appeal. They probably just silently closed my ticket in their syatem and forgot to notify me. Believe you me I am not going to intentionally blank a page without it being an emergency situation.

Zoycite (talk)12:06, 13 April 2013

Some magic wiki trick for tables of unknown size ?

Here is the template I used for tests :

Mandal (talk)14:55, 9 January 2013

To me it looks like you just forgot to declare table rows in the top template. notice the pipe after the table attributes, |. and then the row markers |- before and after the table header cells marked by !. This is the more correct way to specify a table.

{|class="sortable" width="100%" cellpadding="0" style="padding:3px; padding-bottom:0px; color: #{{LoH/TableOuterTextColor}}; background: #{{LoH/TableOuterColor}};  font: 14px, Calibri, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; margin-bottom:1em;" align="center" |
!align="center" width="20%"|Card
!align="center" width="10%"|Recipe Type
!align="center" width="70%"|Recipe
{{ #if:{{{recipe1|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe1}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe2|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe2}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe3|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe3}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe4|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe4}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe5|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe5}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe6|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe6}}}}} |}}
Zoycite (talk)04:32, 11 January 2013

Haha, right I forgot. Thanks :) But still, the unused parameters are considered as empty rows in the table. It looks weird... check

Mandal (talk)15:59, 15 January 2013

ah I see the problem...

{{ #if:{{{recipe6|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe6}}}}} |}}

On all of your recipe lines you are saying

if( recipe6 is set )
display ForgeRow recipe6
display blank line

This is a pretty trivial fix, it is just the way in which you have closed your #if parser function

{{ #if:{{{recipe6|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe6}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe6|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe6}}}}} }}

Also it might help to declare this block in your table as its own cell

{{ #if:{{{recipe1|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe1}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe2|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe2}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe3|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe3}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe4|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe4}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe5|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe5}}}}} |}}
{{ #if:{{{recipe6|}}} | {{LoH/ForgeRow|{{{recipe6}}}}} |}}

Making that a sub table might help not sure though i havent looked into it too far.
Zoycite (talk)08:41, 17 January 2013

Pages with broken file links

Hey zoy,

I was looking at Category:Pages_with_broken_file_links, to see if there's anything else that needs fixing, and it looks like there are a lot of pages which have been fixed, but are still in the category. I don't understand what's causing this -- I tried loading the page with ?action=purge but no luck. Is there something else that can be done to force this category to update?

Plujan (talk)00:49, 10 January 2013

ill try to see if there is a maintenance script i can run

Zoycite (talk)03:40, 10 January 2013

appears fixed after maintenance script

Zoycite (talk)04:23, 11 January 2013

Ads on the LotS wiki

Since you installed the banner ad on the updated version of the wiki software, can I remove the ads added to the top of the LotS pages. It looks weird having two ads at the top of every page.

Klaxxin (talk)14:51, 14 December 2012

I recommend making them footer ads if it is ok with you.

Zoycite (talk)08:13, 15 December 2012

I'll make them footer ads on the LotS pages. I think I can modify the templates to do that pretty easily.

Klaxxin (talk)11:17, 15 December 2012

Another varpull question

Is it possible to create a structure using #varpull that will check and see whether a certain variable exists for a template?

Here is the background: I would like to add pvp power numbers to the wiki. However, pvp power is a late addition to the LotS universe. That means over a thousand instances of the item template have no entry for pvp power.

Here is my conundrum: On list pages, such as Main Hand, all of the data gets yoinked from the item template by #varpull. Unfortunately, if the variable that #varpull wants is missing, #varpull prints a gnarly error message letting you know that the variable is undefined. On pages that list hundreds of items, it means hundreds of error messages. The most simple way to fix this would be to manually add the pvp power variable to a thousand pages. Ugh. I'd prefer to add a pvp power variable only to items that actually have pvp power.

What I'm hoping for: A way to have #varpull act conditionally, either through a modification to #varpull, or through a combination of parser functions. I'd like a solution, any solution, that permits #varpull to act if, and only if, the requested variable exists in the target template. This will avoid a ugly-looking error messages and will allow me to add pvp power without the pain of a thousand edits.

Klaxxin (talk)14:20, 14 December 2012

i will add a silent flag and reply with usage once i do.

Zoycite (talk)08:14, 15 December 2012

ok I have defaulted varpull to be silent on errors, however if you want them to appear add a 4th parameter as "true".

It should be completely silently fail now with no text at all output on errors.


  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|name}}
  • Result: Moxie
  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|name|true}}
  • Result: Moxie
  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|zoycite}}
  • Result:
  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|zoycite|true}}
  • Result: Unable to locate variable:zoycite in template: LoH/Card
Zoycite (talk)10:41, 15 December 2012

Also for mass article editing if you want me to do something crazy let me know I might be able to get the bot to do it.

Zoycite (talk)10:43, 15 December 2012

LoH story pages

Hey Zoy,

I've been thinking it would be a good idea to collect the LoH story, since as far as I know it's not written down anywhere and it's interesting enough that it would be nice to have a reference. I've made a first draft at LoH/story/Welcome_to_the_Jungle -- let me know what you think, and if it looks good, I'll continue adding to it.

I also can't figure out why the text keeps moving farther away from the image -- if I look at the HTML of the final page it looks fine, but clearly I'm missing something, so if you have any ideas they'd be most welcome. Never mind, fixed this one! Still, if you have any general comments, let me know.

Plujan (talk)01:15, 19 November 2012

Looks great! I definitely was going to tackle this at one point. I am focusing on zoytip right now so everyone can use that extension, the plan is for LoH and LotS to have hover tooltips for items/cards which render their page, I have an example somewhere. Also have some new server hardware to deal with this week for some behind the scenes stuff.

I noticed you have also changed a card page or two. Make sure when you do change a card page, that you put {{DONOTEDIT}} on it or else the bot will undo your changes. I currently update from excel to wiki about every 2-3 weeks.

Thanks again for the awesome work on the LoH wiki.

I am almost always contactable on AIM as well if you need an immediate response, I sent you my screen names in email. For now it is the official off wiki communication.

Zoycite (talk)09:49, 19 November 2012

I added a neat optional link to the node.

Zoycite (talk)15:18, 19 November 2012

Ooh, the new features sound exciting. I've gone ahead and typed up the rest of Issues 1-3, since I had already transcribed those, and have started on issue 4, but of course now things are much slower. Maybe we should ask on the forums to see if there are others who would help?

I've also tried making a template with #varpull, LoH/CardArt, which you can use to pull the name of the art file for a given card, which makes writing these a lot easier.

When's a good time to chat in AIM? I'm in European time, so coordinating with people in other time zones can be tricky.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Plujan (talk)10:50, 21 November 2012

any time is good and will get you added. i will respond to all messages as soon as I get them. I am on US time, so obviously the next couple days are a pretty hefty family time (thanksgiving etc) in the US, so I might be spotty/not be near a computer, but otherwise yeah any time.

Zoycite (talk)13:47, 21 November 2012