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Lords Road is a Fantasy based Browser Game published by AMZGame

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What's new in Lord's Road

August 6, 2015

  1. Add new system of Fashions.
    1. Add new fashions: Clothes and Weapons.
      1. Fashions have different Classes and Special Attributes.
      2. Mage and Warrior have different Fashions.
      3. Activated Fashions can be upgraded, but cannot be forged, enhanced, virtued or socketed, neither to be sold.
      4. Hero can only wear 1 Fashion of the same part.
      5. When Fashions are activated, heroes will have brand new appearance and have the Special Attributes..
    2. Improve hero interface.
      1. Add ?Fashions? in hero interface.
      2. Player can preview Fashions in the interface.
    3. How to get Fashions.
      1. Players can get Fashions pieces in Boss Rush and Some Events.
      2. Fashions will be sold in Shop later.
  2. Add recommend items in Guild Shop and Honor Shop.
  3. Add new drops of Fashions pieces in Boss Rush.
  4. Add Pet Skill Book in Shop, 398 diamonds / one.
  5. Adjust the drops in Tartarus and reduce the price of attempts.
  6. Adjust the price of Crystal Key and drops of Infinity Tower.
  7. Improve the default announcement of new Guild.
  8. Improve the interface of Forge and Socket.
  9. Fix the bug that player may cannot hide others.
  10. Fix the bug of Diana?s Skill.
  11. Fix the bug that the B.R. of Mount and Wings may be not correct when checked by others.
  12. Fix the bug that Pets level may be not correct after upgrading.
  13. Fix the bug of the interface of Magic Formation.

July 22, 2015

  1. Add more drops of Bosses in Boss Rush.
  2. Add new daily dungeon with different difficulties. The harder the dungeon, the better the rewards.
  3. Add new cross servers rank, players can check others B.R. rank in all servers. (The rank will refresh at 24:00 every day, so players may cannot check the rank the first day it launches.)
  4. Buff the event of guild boss, players can get more guild contribution from this event.
  5. Add random buffs in Solo Dungeon.
  6. Improve the warriors skill casting when players are AFK (Arena is included.)
  7. Buff the fourth skill of warriors --?Protector?, increase 5% more damage reduce.
  8. Improve the interface of VIP.
  9. Fix the bug that player may not be able to collect rewards in Launch Carnival.
  10. Fix the bug that Aor A+ level pets cannot collect bound diamonds in Cursed Palace.
  11. Some items will be removed from Guild Shop and Honor Shop, and players may find them in Secret Merchant.
  12. New Wings and Fashion will come soon.

July 9, 2015

  • New Event: Immortal Combat
  • Required Level: Lvl.40 (in main quest)
  • Event Icon: Immortal Combat.
  • Event Rules: Players can challenge others who have similar B.R.unlimited times every day. And gain the Immortal Combat points if you win, and lost points if you were defeated. The more points, the higher Tier you are, and the better rewards you can collect per day. You can check your points and tier at the rank of Immortal Combat.
  • Event Rewards: Players can collect rewards after finishing 5 times of combat. Rewards can only be collected once per day.
  • Add new rank in Ranking: Immortal Combat Rank.
  • Adjust the rules of leveling up of skills: Need Crystal and Skill Points to level up skills. Skill points will increase automatically. And players can also buy the points by the price 10 diamonds/ point.
  • Adjust the usage of Formation Origin: Player can use it at Pet Formation.
  • Improve loading experience: It will be much more smoothly when players load in and enter in City of Light.
  • Fix the bug that players may have to refresh when they log in a new server.
  • Fix the bug that some guilds may get the second rewards while they are NO.1 in the Guild Boss Rank.

June 25, 2015


1. Add Mount Transmogrify Function

1.1 Player can find the ?Transmogrify? on the Mount Window.

1.2 Transmogrify function is independent of Mount levels. Player can use corresponding shards materials to activate it. The numbers of shards needed depend on the quality of Transmogrify.

1.3 Get extra property through activating transmogrify. Every mount has totally three attributions and a special element property, which can increase the B.R of mount.

1.4 The shards also can used to upgrade the Transmogrify that has been activated. The maximum star of Transmogrify is five.

1.5 Click the ?Transmogrify button? to transmogrify your mount with a different appearance. The mount?s property will not change.

1.6 Player can obtain shards from Shop, Secret Merchant, Guild Shop and etc.

2. Add purchasing valuable gift pack in game shop.

3. Add extra rewards for full party go through Team Dungeon.

4. Add rewards for SOS, 10 times max daily.

5. Optimize tips for equipment and items, help players view the output Conveniently.

6. Optimize system announcements popup in the game.

7. Optimize rewards of First Recharge.

8. Optimize interface of VIP Benefits , Player can see the cost of unlocking Wing and amount of feather daily available to claim.

9. Optimize experience of pet collecting items when player is in AFK mode.

10.Adjust level requirements from Lvl.45 to Lvl.40 for shifting the AFK mode in Chaos VS.

11. Fix bug on clicking Statue and flag in Seige.

12. Fix bug on description of Angel skill effect.

13. Fix bug on description of Mission.


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