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About this wiki

Why do you have your own wiki?
I decided to make my own wiki as my own reference. I found existing EQ info sites difficult to navigate, or find information I frequently wanted quickly. Especially annoying was quest/task request information. Besides this way I control what information is posted and relevant to me. The wiki system will allow clean formatting of content, and can be edited in real time. Also should anyone else desire to contribute contact me in game.

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What's new on zoywiki.com

May 14, 2014
Updated wiki to 1.22.6
-- Zoycite
Mar 23, 2014
Undergoing some server upgrades and reconfiguration. Some portions of the site may be unavailable or slow for a couple of days while issues are solved.
-- Zoycite
Sep 29, 2013
Added a new section to the site Games, for playing games! Contact me if you need hosting for your game or want to be on zoywiki.
-- Zoycite
Mar 23, 2013
Another server upgrade went live today. Keep loving narwhals!
-- Zoycite
Jul 31, 2012
We have moved to a new server. Looks to be working great! May many more upgrades follow.
-- Zoycite
May 14, 2012
I have eased the rules on page creation. It still requires you be registered to create a page, the new captcha seems fairly effective for registration. Dealt with a bug in varpull. Please use my talk page to report any issues.
-- Zoycite
Apr 15, 2012
New User registration has a more narwhal friendly registration requirement, I encourage old and new users to check it out. Other registration spam prevention Zoycite originally put in place are still in place.
-- Zoycite
Dec 3, 2011
I have installed google text ads in the search box. Also a new module requested by Lorak990 to better serve the wiki as a whole.
-- Zoycite
Jun 5, 2011
To combat spam page creation of new pages has been disabled for anonymous users. Please use site register function. Allow 2 hours for the system to authenticate your new account for new page creation. You can edit existing articles without problems. Send feedback if this is a problem.
-- Zoycite
Feb 2, 2011
Added a portal page with all the games. Working on a tree based based navigation system to make site navigation easier. Also now have a place that is more for wiki-wide developments and news.
-- Zoycite
Aug 26, 2010
Upgraded wiki to v1.6
-- Zoycite
May 2, 2010
Founded the wiki today.
-- Zoycite


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Helping out

Feel free to edit the wiki any which way you see fit. Edits which are not constructive may be reverted.

If you have a particular need or request related to the wiki or simply wish to leave feed back contact one of the people below.

All tiers are labeled using the same mechanism of the in game achievement window, not an extension of SoD content.

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