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Another zoywiki?

Feel free to contribute and edit any articles. I cannot possibly add every detail myself. But I try and have made it reasonably easy for others to add things that are missing. Just register an account and click any orange link or click the edit button to to change the content of a section. If you need help with the page that pops up when you register, the answer is "narwhal", this is to prevent bots from spamming the site. If you register, you will not have to enter any captchas except at registration.

Basically this resource is a chronicle of my EQ experiences and is the reason for this site existing in the first place (or at least that is how it started). This site is as useful to yourself as you want to help make it. I make the EQ section because I like the game a lot, but I welcome any and all help. There is no approval process, just have fun editing as I do.

The narwhal?

So I like narwhals. The narwhal has been the site mascot since day 1. So narwhals are very welcome here. And the art is by a friend of mine, who's site you can find here.

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  • 7/25 - Changed how Quest info is put into the wiki to be more descriptive and hopefully easier to use. New format also includes "quest progress" so 0/1 or 0/15, etc can be listed consistently.
  • 7/22 - RoF/ShoF/HoF defeated, starting wiki - zoy
  • 10/16 - Starting the RoF section now, officially prequest released today enjoy Zoycite (talk) 14:57, 16 October 2012 (MDT)
  • Expansion Number 19.


Rain of Fear
RoF Pre-Launch Quests

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Looking for people to help edit and update articles. Register and edit away! If you are having problems creating articles please contact drinal.Zoycite

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