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HoT > Zones > feerrott > Meat For Eat

Meat For Eat

Quick Info

  • Who - Lerg
  • Where - The Feerrott
  • Requires - No previous requirements
  • Phrase - join

About the Task

Quest giver Lerg, located in one of the northern Feerrott huts, loves the game of bashing the heads in of one of his favorite food sources, gorillas. The fact that you can get meat from the gorillas as a result of such is a reward to him, and he'd like some. He wants to know if you'd like to play.

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What Where
The Feerrott
The Feerrott
The Feerrott
The Feerrott


HoT/Zones/feerrott/Meat For Eat/reward

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NPC Location Info

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