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The Feerrott

Adjacent Zones

Static Zones
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    • Cazic Thule, Plane of Fear, Innothule Swamp, Rathe Mountains, Oggok

About the Zone

The layout of this zone is very similar to the original Feerrott, but with a much higher level base population. The areas near the fear portal, as well as near the House of Thule, should contain high level mobs.

Zone Lore

A strange presence has manifested in the Feerrott. Where dense foliage and wild animals once roamed, a strange house has appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Its presence is felt by all who dwell in the jungle, and even those who are passing through are drawn in to the eerie house.

Recent Changes

Quest NPC Phrase Previous in Chain
Tangling With Wolves Kavri Flightfoot willing to get n/a
A Strong Silk Kavri Flightfoot would n/a
A Panting Lizard Dorran Flightfoot thin them out n/a
Meat For Eat Lerg join n/a
Appeasing a Teir'Dal Ashrin T'Vahn up to it n/a
An Expedition Gone Awry Rupkerr help n/a
Uncovering the Truth Rupkerr pages An Expedition Gone Awry
A Cursed Cure Rupkerr willing Uncovering the Truth
Protecting the Weak (Minded) Dark Alchemist Illian word n/a
There's Something In the Water Dark Alchemist Illian collect samples Protecting the Weak (Minded)
Fall of the Tae Ew Rupkerr Request - instrument of their destruction

Zone In - depart

A Cursed Cure
A Tearable Fear Rupkerr Request - investigate

Zone In - begin

  • Yellow rows denote progression arc
  • Blue row/cell denotes Instance mission


Solo Quests