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General Info[edit]

Zoybot is a wiki bot written by Zoycite (talk). It automates editing a massive number of articles, particularly useful if you have generated this data for hundreds or thousands of articles using a program or script.

Use of Zoybot is limited to wiki Administrators, and can only be executed by Zoycite or other privileged Administrator. This prevents large scale vandalism.

Formatting Bot data[edit]

The bot is very simple, and reads a text file. The text file contains one or more article texts. The file must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. The file must begin with a blank line
  2. Articles must have both begin and end statements
  3. Article Begin statements must contain an Article Name
  4. Article End statements contain no other data on the same line
  5. A Blank line exists between the end statement and begin statement of another article
  6. Articles are not duplicated
  7. Article names must be valid MediaWiki article names
  8. Article names must not contain a # as this will be interpreted as an anchor

Example Input File[edit]

#ARTICLE: Article 1
Some text


#ARTICLE: Article Two
Narwhals are cool

#ARTICLE: Zoywiki/Article III
[[Article 3]]

Running Zoybot from Build Server[edit]

You need to be an authorized wiki admin in order to run zoybot from the build server. However build admin can be gained if you are in the AIM chat. Contact User:Zoycite for access to AIM chat.

  1. Navigate to root/zoybot/Manual/From Copy Paste
  2. Click the play button
  3. Select which server the bot will run on.
    1. All new content must first be tested on staging.zoywiki.com
  4. Paste the contents of the bot file into the "zoybot file text" field
  5. Click Ok

See this image for reference

Zoybot qb from copy paste.png