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Corpse Camped

Quick Info

  • Who - Arki Battlehammer
  • Where - Fear Itself
  • Requires - No previous requirements
  • Phrase - take down

About the Task

Arki Battlehammer, located at the southwestern camp, leads one of the camps devastated by the power of the Plane of Fear. The camp is not in good shape. Unfortunately, bodies of his fellow adventurers are presently stuck in the middle of a number of Amygdalans, where he cannot reach them to pull them out and give them a proper burial. He requests assistance.

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What Where
Fear Itself
Fear Itself
Fear Itself
Fear Itself
  • Kill 6 Amygdalan Knights
  • Kill 6 Amygdalan Warriors
  • Hail Arki Battlehammer


HoT/Zones/fearitself/Corpse Camped/reward

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