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Fear Itself

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About the Zone

This zone is expansive, and the geometry is nearly identical to the original Fear. The mobs in this zone are a bit more static than those who wandered its namesake, so giant waves of mobs and multiple wipes should be preventable.

The northwest portion of the zone has a larger distribution of higher-level mobs.

While the area may look eerily close to how most remember it, Fear Itself isn't an exact replica of the Plane of Fear; instead, it is a manifestation of how Cazic Thule dreams it. Here, the God of Fear is raining terror down on any living thing traversing his realm, slaughtering and spilling blood for sport.

Level: 89-90

Access to this zone is found in the southeast section of House of Thule - Upper Floors. Players can enter the zone by clicking on the bed of stone Cazic Thule is sleeping on in the middle of the room.

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