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how to do stuff[edit]

Most things are done via template. So you just have to copy and paste an article with similar text to produce a page with the correct output. This site runs mediawiki so information on how to use templates and even create them can be found via Google. Though most templates are have already been created and should not be attempted until you are very familiar using templates. Example goto an item page for LotS. Click Edit, copy and paste the text into a new article. Edit pieces of the article to change it.

Example of an Item template found in article LotS/Galactic_Finery

{{LotS Item
|name=Galactic Finery
|ability=While equipped increases maximum Stamina by 3
|text=Diplomacy can be as dangerous as war. At any court in the galaxy, there are always rivals plotting each other's destruction. Thus those who live their leves in that world of intrigue have learned to be cautious. Their fine clothing conceals many layers of protection, designed to thwart an assassin's blow.
|obtained=Shop: 30 Golden Suns

If you change anything on this article, all articles such as LotS/items/Chest which list all the item stats will be updated automatically, because there is a separate template which handles retrieving the information, which is a custom extension on this wiki I wrote. So to add something to an item to the list on the page of stuff

Edit: Pages such as LotS/items/Chest are cached and take a few hours to update, you can force an update by previewing the page and clicking save article.

{{LotS/ItemRow|Galactic Finery}}

Or what ever happens to be your item article page name. Since there are multiple games LotS is prefixed Lots.

So that is a quick crash course in how things are kinda setup with the templates from the top down perspective. Other sections of wiki may be using different templates entirely and different setups as different games have different needs and requirements of displaying game information.

Zoycite - 06:21, 5 June 2011 (CDT)

cross linking[edit]

Thanks for your edits to cross link items, Lorak990

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