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Status: Development

This is a test page for extension zoytip.

  • zoytip now pulls page content via ajax, lot of work needs to be done here
  • updated tip interactions to close and hover off of to close.

2/10 Updated zoytip. It is getting closer to release.

  • Supports multiple tips.
    • Need to test same exact tip duplicated on a page.
  • Supports parsing of wiki text between the zoytip tag
  • Has 3 attributes, article, name, and width that can be set.
    • more attributes need to be added maybe
  • Probably needs to place an inline ad with tip ajax queries (obviously at bottom), but can do this after main features working
  • add zoytip styling options like border color and other attributes related to tip window.
  • CRITICAL: Parsing is currently ajax (good), but need to support parsing out a specific template like varpull does.
    • possible needs to support a variable mode. Current mode maybe call urlajax, and maybe support varpull mode or something.
    • will require some kind of crazy wiki text parsing as well
  • CRITICAL: need to test functionality with varpull and embedding in templates like item rows


  • disabled some js temporarily for live deploy


  • Disabled due to js error.


  • Icy Resolve
  • LotS/Acht
  • Main Page
  • General Raids