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Did this mission last night with a group ranging from 86 to 89. Used a decently geared warrior (86) and a cleric merc (89) to heal, with a necro pulling singles. Merc healing was not sufficient to keep the war up most fights, and often we had to fall back on pet tanking to finish mobs off. This mission is definitely intended for level 90 toons.

When we got to Hulkenfang (by far the hardest part of the mission) we tried the suggested strategy of burning down adds as they spawned. They are not terribly weak adds, and we wiped with 3 of the small spiders still up. When we zoned back in, they were still up, but had not moved from the side we had originally pulled Hulkenfang to. We tried again pulling to the other side of the room and the small spiders that were already up did not come with him (but they were likely out of assist range anyway. All this proved was they weren't aggro linked in any way). We just went full burn on Hulkenfang the second time and managed to get him, however the two small spiders that were still up finished off the group. Zoned back in and there were now three spiders on one side and two on the other, but the center area was safe. Killed the final mob and looted chest no problem.

A word of advice: have someone who can pop a cleric merc to rez bind outside the instance entrance. Preferably someone who can invis. You can't say the trigger word to enter the instance while invis, but you can invis immediately after zone in and be safe most times (I never was attacked in 4-5 times zoning in with aggro mobs right at the ZI).

Overall it took us around 3 hours to finish this mission, but we had many many deaths. A full group of just slightly better geared level 90 toons should be able to pull it off in an hour or less with an ideal group makeup.


Yeah you should have some reasonable amount of dps (aka more than 3-4k), since adds didnt mez when I did it, the hp was about a zone trash level difficulty. Zoycite

The page should read that the adds are timed, one every 10 seconds by our count. If you take the time to try and burn the adds at each step as written, you will lose this fight almost every time I think. Gotta burn the spider and clean up afterward - which is what I think most folks do anyway.

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