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Armor Overview[edit]

You can get any tier of armor and depending on what you already have can make the upgraded piece.

Armor remnants are separated into tier and combined with either vendor bought, trade skill, or previous tier armors.

  • Tier 1: Exactly like Underfoot, get a Vanadium armor piece for your armor
  • Tier 2-4: Can use the previous tier's armor Remnant or vendor template
Type Slot
Desire Chest
Fear Legs
Devotion Arms
Knowledge Head
Truth Wrist
Greed Hands
Survival Feet

The "Magic" Armor Formula[edit]

To combine armor you will need the 3 slot container named "Shroud of Dreams", available from "Zande Vorich" who is right by the House of Thule zone door in The Feerrott. You will also need you class specific Coalescing Agent which he sells. The Binding Type is what the armor requires in order to work.

Note: If using a previous tier armor as a "Binding Type" make sure to remove all augments first

Remnant Tier Remnant Type Binding Type
Tier 1 Abstruse Immaculate or Vanadium Template
Tier 2 Recondite Tier 1 or Inchoate
Tier 3 Ambiguous Tier 2 or Nebulous
Tier 4 Lucid Tier 3 or Amorphous