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The reason this page exists is so people can help out and add content to the wiki easily. Editing web pages much less a wiki scares people. Well I have made it extremely easy through the use of templates. I assure you if you can type in /gu, you can edit pages on the wiki. You will be able to produce complicated pages in 1-2 words surrounded by some curly braces {{words go here}}.

I have labeled each tutorial based on the difficulty:

  • Beginner - no coding or other voodoo computer skills needed.
  • Intermediate - requires knowing about Beginner level stuff, more than 1-2 words. But less than a paragraph.
  • Advanced - Might involve abstract concepts, but nothing the average forum troll can't figure out. Combining lots of techniques from Beginner and Intermediate tutorials together.

So in no particular order here are some of the tutorial articles.