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Thank you for comments about the wiki and contributions so far! I have repaired the link on the left. there is not currently a uniform system for adding item links in the wiki. I am working on a extension to make lucy item links; I could simply make one that is not very user friendly, but the idea is to make it easy to use so only a item name need be given instead of needing to know the item id. Item links can certainly be done by use of a template or directly linking

something like this could do it

<span class="plainlinks">[url-text item name]</span>

However I am looking to make an extension+template that is more like {{Item|item name}}

Lock timers are kind of an arbitrary thing, I have done two things so far about them, added a spoiler row containing 2 locks for the zone name and next to the step, and given it the text lock information. And I have also just done a simple lock on the step that it locks on and indicated such in the task. In reality there are only about 14 missions or so to worry about, so If there is a better more consistent way once all the information is there it won't be hard to change; but then again there is no guide since it is a very arbitrary thing.

In response to the question about adding how the steps are ordered; i thought about this when first designing the spoiler system thing, I thought about colors might be one way to do it such as setting the background color of the spoiler step to blue for the first step(s) and a different for the 2nd. But then I realized if you are doing the quest you have a general idea about where you are so this is kinda pointless. If you know you need kills/drops from a and b at some point, you might as well hunt a and b regardless.