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Currently working on a new extension zoytip which creates dynamic tooltips and will eventually be able to pull entire page content or just a specific template and render it as tooltip content. I am currently developing it on User:Zoycite. It will be very similar to the varpull interface. The basic idea for this template is to make it possible to render on hover tool tips for game items similar to the lucy item extension for everquest section, but instead of pulling from the ZAM or other database it uses wiki articles (aka our database). This might mean that templates on articles for item pages might need to be modified slightly for a particular game, but the end result is amazing and a feature i know we all want. Security and performance are the primary concerns.

Zoycite (talk)07:49, 9 September 2012

Am digging the idea.

On a related note, varpull appears to accept parser functions and variables; is there a way to make it accept page names delivered entirely through templates?

{{#varpull: LotS/experiment/{{#if: {{{1| }}} |{{{1}}} |null}}|Experiment|firstreward}} --> yes
{{#varpull: LotS/{{{reqItem}}}|LotS Item|type}} --> yes
{{#varpull: {{LotS/RaidLink/Centurian Commander}}|raid|type}} --> no

The first two cases work, but the last one doesn't. It would simplify things if varpull could use templates to assemble the page name. I can see potential problems here because a template does not always output a page path. This may be impossible, but I thought I'd ask!

Klaxxin (talk)11:20, 9 September 2012
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  1. varpull takes an article name and a template name as its primary arguments. The it takes a variable in that template as a 3rd argument. So it basically retrieves the first occurrence of a specific template on a page, then it parses out the variable from there. That is you won't likely get the right result if multiple of the same template are on a page.

your 3rd example won't work because {{LotS/RaidLink/Centurian Commander}} expands to something that is not an article name. And I am not sure Template:LotS/RaidLink/Centurian Commander is even a template. But if it were you'd want to call {{#varpull: Template:LotS/RaidLink/Centurian Commander|TemplateName|variable}} to get the expected result, because varpull doesnt care if the article it is pulling from is in the Template namespace.

varpull is just a fancy text parser that is designed for the "item page" scenario when you want to list a set of the variables in a table with various attributes from the item template on the "item page". granted it can be used for more than just "items", but yeah it is some random text parser function i wrote that gives us the ability to use pages with templates on them as a data source for other pages so that there only need be 1 source of truth for all data.

Zoycite (talk)11:54, 9 September 2012

What ever happened with ZoyTip?

Doomcat (talk)09:16, 28 April 2015

i put it on hold because mediawiki changed how a lot of things work since i started working on it. i just do not have the time to maintain an extension as massive as it was turning out to be. we've taken 4 code upgrades since starting the work on it. not sure how much is still workable or if the js is even compatible with browsers now.

open to an out of the box solution though that works almost as well.

Zoycite (talk)13:52, 28 April 2015

That's fair. I don't see any extensions that immediately look like they do it well, and I don't have a burning need either. Just was curious.

Doomcat (talk)07:11, 29 April 2015