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Lots Myrmexidaks Issues310:49, 21 November 2013
New engineering items1822:52, 7 September 2013
Missing LotS images117:16, 14 August 2013
Swords and Potions 2218:29, 15 July 2013
Changing the AV calculation on LoTS Officers and Crew106:31, 20 June 2013
look whos back, loraks back013:03, 6 June 2013
How do I add a "clean" image of equipment?517:13, 19 May 2013
Files from the latest LotS update211:51, 13 March 2013
Missing files?511:51, 13 March 2013
LoTS/Golden Sun Pages106:39, 7 February 2013
DPL016:56, 17 January 2013
officer page?104:31, 6 December 2012

Lots Myrmexidaks Issues

Myrmexidaks is misspelled all throughout the wiki ie: data page and on the Rampaging Rackalax loot pages. I don't know how to correct it. I could do it myself if you tell me, or you can do it? Thanks for reading. Carpe Diem, mesopotamia

Nevermind, it got fixed somehow :D

Mesopotamia (talk)21:29, 20 November 2013

I noticed the typo after the raid data image didn't match up, renamed the pages/fixed the link in the loot page :)

if you edit the raid page at the bottom of the editing section you will see a link to edit the loot page, then make the changes, i'm done for the night, thanks for your edits

Lorak990 (talk)21:33, 20 November 2013

Giant_Kwelshax_Data needs to be moved to LotS/Giant_Kwelshax_Data to match with the loot pages

Mesopotamia (talk)22:05, 20 November 2013


Lorak990 (talk)10:49, 21 November 2013

New engineering items


(Not sure which admin(s) to contact) I've created pages for the new Engineering items that will be available from the upcoming world raid. I didn't have time to type in all the abilities and text, though (is there a way to copy-paste those?). I also don't know how to get the images. And I wasn't sure what you guys would do about the one that takes the player's name.

I also moved the Shipyard plans because the names were updated, not sure if you guys usually delete redirects.

Let me know if I can help more, when I have the time for it.


Bobogoobo (talk)21:48, 29 August 2013

The item that takes the player's name will probably be named <playername> or something that works in the wiki URLs because <playername> is the placeholder used on the wiki. Lorak can help you get the images. With a few exceptions, I believe the wiki gets images from the game files. I've been enforcing a tacit no-redirect policy on this wiki, with the exception of redirects created for likely or common misspellings or terms that others might use to reach a particular page.

I have one very, very difficult issue that you may, with your wiki expertise, be able to solve. This problem affects the last item row on the raid templates. If, for example you look at the CC Commander Loot page, you'll notice that text in right-most cell in the bottom row is pushed up against the top of the top cell wall, and this makes the last row artificially larger than the other rows. If you highlight the last cell, it appears to be made up of at least seven invisible sub-cells. If you can find a better way to assemble these pages, or a way to fix this problem, I'd be obliged.

Klaxxin (talk)03:32, 30 August 2013

I like tackling difficult wiki questions, so I had a look at this. Basically you just have to nest the if commands, like in Template:LotS/LootRow, so I went ahead and changed Template:LotS/EpicLootRow to do the same and it works properly. I feel like there should be a more elegant way to do this, but this at least works.

Plujan (talk)05:50, 30 August 2013

Thanks for that, I'd been meaning to take a look at it. If it's a whitespace issue with the table code, that's usually really hard to get around, so short of converting it to HTML your solution is probably the best.

Bobogoobo (talk)10:22, 30 August 2013

there is a lesser known/used wiki table syntax that can usually get around some of the white space issues using double pipes, either prefixing or post fixing the double pipes using Template:!! if you have to nest it.

Check it out here

Zoycite (talk)10:58, 30 August 2013

No, it's the new row code that is the issue. You can't put conditionals that evaluate to false on their own lines because each one will result in a blank line, which creates that extra space. But you can't start the next one on the same line as the end of the previous one either because then the |- goes at the end of the previous line, so the parser doesn't recognize it. Supposedly you can put a line break in nowiki tags at the beginning of the "then" portion to avoid that problem, but I've done that before and it didn't always work, plus it's more code. Nesting the calls works fine.

Bobogoobo (talk)11:59, 30 August 2013

thanks for adding the engineering pages, I've made a start on the expeditions/facilities but have been busy of late so it may take me a little while to finish unless someone else dives in, I named that one (Playername) AI due to the <> parsing tags, also added the text/ability for the pages that exist, thinking there needs to be a category that all of the incomplete pages for a section can be tagged with say Category:LotS/Missing Info or the like and add a projects page to the main LotS portal for easy tracking, as the edits sometimes get lost in the logs.

Regarding images, i believe there was a guide on Doomcat's wall, or i update them once a week from the missing images category as time permits. if you have any questions drop me a message and i'll see what i can find out/lookup.

Lorak990 (talk)11:46, 30 August 2013

I don't see a guide there. I saw somewhere else someone (probably you) said they found the images directly on the server, but I wouldn't know where to look. I'd like to help if you can tell me how.

Found it lower on this page, I got it now.

Bobogoobo (talk)15:20, 30 August 2013

There are a bunch of redirects. I'm not sure which ones should be kept, but if you want I can give you a plaintext list of them for running through a bot which you could trim manually. Also, should the duplicates of File:LotS Schematic.png (plus "File:LotS Plans Within Plans.png" be redirected to it, or should they all be deleted?

Bobogoobo (talk)15:22, 30 August 2013

I can always be contacted for anything, but Lorak is most likely best to start with for LotS.

Basically if you post on either of our pages, or admin discussion forum, you are going to get about 10 responses. At least me personally I help because I like it. I might trail off into the technical, like I am about to do, but enjoy!

So the technical methodology behind Plujan's suggestion/change is this:

  • So the wiki parses is going along and it encounters something to parse such as a parse function, and it starts parsing it and running code.
  • Lets say you wanted to display a lot of attributes in a template based on positional parameters that one must be there for the next to appear and so on
    • Exmaple: {{LotS/Template|100|300|400}}
  • If Lots/Template takes 20 or 30 such positional parameters, then normally if the conditional parsing in the Template page took 1 parser function for each positional parameter, then it would take 20 or 30 parser function calls every time the template is used.
    • This is a problem if the template is used on other pages such as item list pages have 500 items and call it 1000 to 1500 times. Quickly makes pages load slow.
  • Now let's say we did what Plujan suggested
  • Instead of displaying calling the functions every time we only call the next if the previous positional parameter was used.
    • So in our example we are actually using 4 calls to the #if parser function.
    • {{LotS/Template|100|300|400}}
  • On the 4th call to the the #if parser function, it sees that there is no 4th positional parameter, and stops parsing.

Now we generalize the solution usually when doing this so it is outputting say a table row so that it can be used on just about any table of similar data such as guns and swords or something along those lines. Now it just works and the complicated-ness is dispelled, and some craziness ensues in a thread.

Zoycite (talk)09:56, 30 August 2013

Yeah, I was mostly doing to solve the new row problem (as was already accurately described upthread), and I realized that this would also have a performance benefit, so double win!

Speaking of which, I noticed that there are a few cases where a template has something like {{#if: {{{2|}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{1}}}}} It seems to me that in this case it would be simpler and cleaner to just write {{{2|{{{1}}}}}} Is there a compelling reason to not use the second form? I've made this change in a few of the LoH templates where I've noticed it can be done, but I wanted to make sure there's not something I'm missing...

Plujan (talk)08:50, 31 August 2013

we just tend to use the explicit form, rather than the short cut

Zoycite (talk)09:34, 31 August 2013

The problem with {{{2|{{{1}}}}}} is that if 2 if specified but blank, it will still be used, whereas #if won't use it if it is only whitespace. Which one is better, if either, depends on the situation.

Bobogoobo (talk)12:06, 31 August 2013

ah yeah valid point, for item card pages it is usually not a big deal.

it will be a problem if the variable is specified without a value in a template.


Zoycite (talk)22:13, 2 September 2013

Hey, I found a mistake and corrected it. <playername> AI def is 25 not 125.

Guitarwolf (talk)16:36, 2 September 2013

For the record, when I collected the Playername AI from the facilities, the title was %NAME%.

Bobogoobo (talk)22:52, 7 September 2013

Missing LotS images

We're missing images for these items:

  • LotS/Talia Mask
  • LotS/Talia's Boots
  • LotS/Talia's Pants
  • LotS/Talia's Top

Could you add them? I still have no idea how to get the cleaned images.

Klaxxin (talk)22:50, 10 August 2013


Lorak990 (talk)17:16, 14 August 2013

Swords and Potions 2

Hey Lorak, I noticed you started filling in pages which is awesome, we have the full JSON data of the game and will be setting up a parsing bot to put all the items up, and may of the other parts. When I have time over the next week or so I plan to get a lot of templates in place for the game. Also I have been changing the location of all the flips to SNP not SAP, so a lot of stuff is moving around a little.

Danxor (talk)14:48, 13 July 2013

All good, I was just mostly adding placeholder information as the json file was lacking some information like item names, seems that has been resolved though :), let me know if i can help out anyplace.

Lorak990 (talk)16:48, 15 July 2013

The biggest issue is going to be how to display worker progression charts, the official wiki uses the trees, which I kinda like. But these will be easiest to build manually, we should have from the Jsons all items linking forward/back in progression, so it won't be hard to see progression on the item pages.

Danxor (talk)18:29, 15 July 2013

Changing the AV calculation on LoTS Officers and Crew

So, I wanted to put this idea out there with someone who really knows what I'm talking about without necessarily taking this to a full discussion the LoTS forums. The current AV calculation on the Officers and Crew pages are useful for comparing the officers to each other and the crew to each other. However, the AV numbers there don't really compare to equipment pages AV numbers. I propose changing the officers AV calculation from AV = atk + def *.2 to AV = (atk*2 + def*.4)*5/4. I derived this new AV formula because Ship Power per officer = atk * 2 + def *.4 and DPS of ship power = 5 * ship power and finally, 4 DPS = 1 armor atk. This change will make the officer's AV number equivalent to the equipment lists AV numbers. Similarly, I propose changing the crew AV calculation to AV = (atk*1.44 + def*.36)*5/4. I've created an example of the officers listing with the new AV calculation here.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it would make things easier or more confusing? Alternatively, we could consider switching the AV column out for a DPS column, which might actually more more sense.

Doomcat (talk)01:05, 20 June 2013

For officers/crew, I'd switch out AV for Ship Power, and note the formulae you have above, with the caveat that Ship Power is multiplied by the Ship Power bonus, and the DPS also contains ship proc damage. Purely calling it DPS is misleading as it doesn't factor in proc damage at all.

I'd switch out AV for DPS for items, because it's just the current stuff * 4 and avoids excessive fractions and our own definition. I guess we should still call it AV, because it doesn't factor in procs.

Aloe (talk)06:31, 20 June 2013

look whos back, loraks back

I'm hearing some rap song in my head right now.

Yar! nice edits :)

Zoycite (talk)13:03, 6 June 2013

How do I add a "clean" image of equipment?

Hi, I'm a new member to this wiki, though I have been a part of other wikis before (I'm an Admin in I just joined when I noticed a page needed to be created.

When I got an item called Atreyu's Medallion, I noticed their was no page for it, so I created one. I was able to use other Atreyu's equipment pages to figure out how the create the new page correctly, but I can't figure out how to make a "clean" image of the item. I ended up just going to my Profile, and zooming in and taking a screenshot of the item from my Inventory, and posting that.

Is there anyway to edit that so it looks like the other equipment pictures? Or does it need to be found in the source code?


GameTommy (talk)07:04, 25 November 2012

I dont know if there is a way but i took mines from the browser cache

Metalz (talk)09:44, 25 November 2012

How do you take it from the browser cache?

GameTommy (talk)21:09, 25 November 2012

Depending on your browser, you can either install an ad blocker and then do a search for a possible file i.e medallion would list something similar to , you could then save and upload this file, or if you are using chrome you can enter chrome://cache/ and then search for a name from the results, some files do not come in an optimized size and would need to be edited to a max 128x128px, at some time i'll write up a guide for this, but this should point you in the right direction. or send me a link to the page and i can locate most images for upload.

Lorak990 (talk)10:43, 28 November 2012

The other problem is that some files don't come in png format. Is a pretty good tool for translating to png and resizing / cropping in one operation and you can use their Web feature and enter the url without needing to save the image out of the cache and then re-upload.

Doomcat (talk)10:49, 15 May 2013

Ok, thanks for the tip.

GameTommy (talk)17:13, 19 May 2013

Files from the latest LotS update

Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 11:51, 13 March 2013

Needed files for the latest update:

Cleared File List

Lorak990 (talk) 10:51, 13 March 2013 (MDT)
Klaxxin (talk)02:32, 15 September 2012

it seems there are 2 versions of some of the of the Bluthian Gamer items based on gender, i'll dupe the pages and add a note, working on tracking down the images, i see the male versions as that's the gender of my character. the alternate version can be seen in 2 ways based on the gender of your character on raid loot lists, or if own the item and equip it on a different gender player in your galaxydome team. will need to add them to the raid/item categories.

Bluthian Gamer Skirt/Pants, Bluthian Gamer Bracers/Bracelets, Bruthian Gamer Top/Shirt, it only counts as one item as far as i am aware.

At some point its probably worth making a sets section that lists each item from the different sets with alternate listings.

Lorak990 (talk)04:19, 17 September 2012

created the new items and uploaded images, may need to add a reference that you will only receive one item even though the game funks it as 2, this happens on Kalaxian Cult Underskirt as well

Lorak990 (talk)05:38, 17 September 2012

Missing files?

Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 11:51, 13 March 2013

Hi Lorak,

I was doing some wiki cleanup, and I've identified the following missing files:

Cleared File List

Lorak990 (talk) 10:51, 13 March 2013 (MDT)

I would do this myself, but I don't have access to the files from LotS. Klaxxin (talk) 12:59, 6 September 2012 (MDT)

Klaxxin (talk)13:59, 6 September 2012

thanks for putting this list together, i'll see what i can locate, i think i rememeber zoy and i identified some of those as having issues with anywhere in the file name causing them not to display correctly but i can retest now that we have upgraded the mediawiki version.

Lorak990 (talk)03:13, 7 September 2012

i think i located all but the following: LotS Defense Point Grab Bag.png LotS Defense Point Grab Bag icon.png LotS Attack Point Grab Bag.png LotS Attack Point Grab Bag icon.png where did you get the information for these when you made the pages and do you have an ingame screenshot?, or at least the color of the bag and i can try and locate it

Lorak990 (talk)03:53, 7 September 2012

I received defense and attack point grab bags from a world raid. The devs didn't add stat points correctly, so they gave out boxes that had stat points inside them. I never opened mine. Here are the images, copied from my inventory:

Attack Defense
LotS Attack.png LotS Defense.png
Klaxxin (talk)10:23, 7 September 2012

Also, I just added the two new Honor syringes. Those need pictures as well. And I found the 'Princess' Hologram sidekick. That item needs pictures as well.

Klaxxin (talk)16:19, 7 September 2012

that works, i can track clean versions of those images, thanks

Lorak990 (talk)03:10, 10 September 2012

LoTS/Golden Sun Pages

Not trying to be a downer, but does LoTS really need pages for each increment of golden suns than can be won?

Doomcat (talk)04:40, 7 February 2013

probably not, we can just make a page and link all the places they can be received from to it, and redirect as needed.

Lorak990 (talk)06:39, 7 February 2013

Dynamic page list is now installed per your request

category             = Narwhals
count                = 5
order                = ascending
addfirstcategorydate = true
Zoycite (talk)16:56, 17 January 2013

officer page?

Dunno what happened, but I had to revert the officer page to previous version. Every entry had an error showing. I'm posting here since you were the last one to edit it :)

Gnyta (talk)17:07, 5 December 2012

Sometimes this can happen if the page cache has not updated since the last edit, and none of the lookups are complete, this will resolve automatically the next time the page is cached, or you can force an update by editing and saving the page with no changes, or adding ?action=purge to the end of the url, i tested the page with my edits and refreshed everything and it looks normal now. let me know if you have any issues/questions.

Lorak990 (talk)04:31, 6 December 2012