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(Slot 19 Exclusive)
(Slot 19 Exclusive)
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* {{Item|Blazing Paradise Warding Fire|161648}}
* {{Item|Blazing Paradise Warding Fire|161648}}
* {{Item|Blazing Paradise Warding Magic|161649}}
* {{Item|Blazing Paradise Warding Magic|161649}}
* Blazing Euphoria Attacker
* Blazing Euphoria Protecting Fire
* Blazing Euphoria Protecting Fire
* Blazing Euphoria Assaulting Magic
* Blazing Euphoria Assaulting Magic

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Chase Gear

These items drop in the group mission Fight Fire.

You will want to acquire one or more of these and evolve them into their final forms so that you can utilize as many of the below augments as possible. The chase items may not look like much, but once they are fully evolved they are stronger than the best raid gear items and once full augmented over 10k HP/Mana/Endurance.

How to Evolve

To gain experience any non-armor type mob in the The Burning Lands should add evolving exp. It is possible to evolve the items in non-TBL zones so long as you can find a monster with the appropriate elemental type and a creature type that matches a creature from The Burning Lands, and of course which gives experience. One such example is the Tempest Temple Heroic Adventure in The Darkened Sea expansion.

How to Max Evolve each Chase Item
Item How to evolve
Torn Efreeti Boots Complete all non-optional Traveler achievements in the game up through The Burning Lands
Threadbare Weighted Tabard All Collector achievements from CotF to TBL
Tattered White Satin Gloves All Hunter achievements from PoP, EOK, ROS, and TBL
Djarns Tarnished Amethyst Ring Champion of all missions in EOK and ROS (This is not Conquest/Challenger achievements)

Chase Augments

Group Rare Drops

These are dropped by named in The Burning Lands or found in chests

Raid Rare Drops

These are dropped by trash in raid instances for The Plane of Smoke, Esianti: Palace of the Winds, or Doomfire, the Burning Lands (TBL)

Slot 22

This item is the luck aug. It maxes out at 10 fuses. You always get a luck 0 version and have to fuse it up.

Slot 19 Exclusive

Note: these have Lore Groups

Slot 18 or 19

Note: These have Lore Groups