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|who=Darkened Victorious Scholar
|who=Darkened Victorious Scholar
|requires=[[TBL/Zones/stratos/Soldier of Air|Soldier of Air]], [[TBL/Zones/stratos/Fight Fire|Fight Fire]], and all five [[TBL/Zones/trialsofsmoke|Trials of Smoke]].
|requires=All of the following complete
** {{ZoneLink|stratos}}
*** {{AbsLink|TBL/Zones/stratos|Soldier of Air}} (Solo Quest)
*** {{AbsLink|TBL/Zones/stratos|Fight Fire}} (Group Mission)
** {{ZoneLink|trialsofsmoke}}
*** [[TBL/Zones/trialsofsmoke/Trials_of_Smoke|All 5 Smoke Trials complete]] (Group Mission)

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TBL > Zones > The Plane of Smoke > Kill Ashen Creatures

Kill Ashen Creatures

Quick Info

Solo Quest Solo Quest - A quest that appears in only your quest window when requested.


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About the Task

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0/6 The Plane of Smoke

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