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|who=Ziedan Gazel
|who=Ziedan Gazel
|phrase=golems and shadows
|phrase=shades and pools

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HoT > Zones > miragulsnightmare > Shades and Ichors

Shades and Ichors

Quick Info

  • Who - Ziedan Gazel
  • Where - Miragul's Nightmare
  • Requires - No previous requirements
  • Phrase - shades and pools

About the Task

You have agreed to help Ziedan Gazel by destroying some of the threatening shadow creatures which are likely to kill him and his friend Utto before they can make their escape from this place.

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What Where
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare


  • Experience
  • Faction: Dream Delvers

Related Items

No items. Either the quest requires no items, or data has not been input.

NPC Location Info

No NPC's