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Beauty Lost

Quick Info

About the Task

Yilian in Miragul’s Nightmare. (loc: 251 473 37 396)

A shade named, Yilian wishes to see the beatiful bloom of flowers once again in this shadowy place. If you are able to water the flowers, perhpas this can be accomplished. Note that Yilian wanders the zone along set paths. If you have the sense-undead spell, it will help you greatly in locating his general location when you need him, most undead-looking mobs here are not undead. You can also make Yilan stay put by hailing him every minute.

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What Where
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare
Miragul's Nightmare


  • Experience
  • 315pp
  • 30 Dream Motes
  • Faction: Dream Delvers

Related Items

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NPC Location Info

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