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This is a page for wiki admin discussions. Anyone can participate, mostly information about website technical stuff and updates.


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1Gb Upgrade + Maintenance 5/10014:35, 6 May 2014
Media Wiki - Variables Extension?506:18, 24 April 2014
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Errors on LotS-pages111:51, 23 April 2014
pending #varpull changes123:34, 12 April 2014
fully anon edit enabled013:32, 23 October 2013
Testing cloudflare112:41, 17 October 2013
Breaking up pages905:05, 17 October 2013
Mobile vs Online615:22, 12 August 2013
Custom side bars122:36, 27 July 2013
6/17 Live Maintenance319:30, 18 June 2013
Pages to Delete100:46, 25 May 2013
Need to add something to LotS item template.217:23, 22 May 2013
website upgrades1013:10, 1 May 2013
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Ads updated006:22, 8 November 2012
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1Gb Upgrade + Maintenance 5/10

Upgraded the server connection to 1Gb/s upload. So enjoy the increased bandwidth. This should help with some of the concurrent users load during peak traffic.

Also on Saturday 5/10 I will be bringing down the production site for up to 2 hours.

Other work:

  • Upgraded server monitoring
  • Upgraded security
  • Updated httpd configuration for higher load
  • Contracting out site layout redesign

Keep loving narwhals!


Zoycite (talk)14:35, 6 May 2014

Media Wiki - Variables Extension?

As a practice, we frequently do "double varpulls" in our templates, once to check "Does the page have this key/value defined?" and then a second to act on that value. In order to save #varpulls, which I believe we've said are relatively expensive, I'd like to toss out the suggestion for bringing in the Variables Extension or something which provides similar functionality. Here's an example page where it could make a difference: Item Row Template. In this template, which is used on our most painful pages, we make the following pulls:

  1. color
  2. attack
  3. defense
  4. attack
  5. defense
  6. procRate
  7. procRate
  8. procDmgCap
  9. procDmgCap
  10. procDmgMin
  11. procRate
  12. procRate
  13. procDmgMin
  14. ability
  15. obtained

and we also calculate procRate / 100 * procDmgMin twice. Using variables, we could reduce this 15 to 8 and remove one of the duplicate calculations, which I imagine would help.


Doomcat (talk)12:49, 23 April 2014

the new version of #varpull was caching information. unfortunately there is a bug somewhere and i had to revert it. i was not checking the cached value to see if it was still valid.

I evaluated Variables extension. It can be installed, but it does not solve the problem (which #varpull does solve) and requires more transclusion and parsing than #varpull does to achieve the same result so Variables is less efficient at the task. Also we have to redo every item page to work with Variables. So that is some major negatives.

The use case of #varpull is this:

  1. Data exists in some article such as Game/Item/Awesome_Sword
  2. We want to generate a page which contains all the swords e.g. Game/Swords
  3. Game/Swords must query Game/Item/Awesome_Sword and all other swords to get the data

For Variables comparison of this task: See Is_there_a_way_to_get_a_value_from_one_page_from_another_page?

Where #varpull excels is getting this specific data. Where it fails is having to requery the same data repeatedly. Not a huge problem, but a solvable one using memcached, which is far superior to any transclusion. None of the ready made solutions offer the same functionality.

I will fix the new version of varpull and all will be good to make sure that it refreshes the cache when it has gone stale. Till then reverted to tried and true version that works.

I will install Variables as well for playing with, but I have a feeling that we will not get significant gains except when fields that are calculated are the same in an "ItemRow" template. Be warned there is some over head there as well.

Zoycite (talk)13:54, 23 April 2014

Variables is now installed

Zoycite (talk)14:21, 23 April 2014

I think I might have been a little unclear. I never intended variables to replace #varpull, as #varpull does what it does very well. I was just hoping to reduce the overhead of LotS' intense item list pages which have recently been acting up a little more than normal. Sorry for the confusion, and I hope I wasn't offensive.


Doomcat (talk)21:35, 23 April 2014

not offensive, my main concern is to just avoid installing things without a purpose. if we have a reason for extension that will do things we want -> install.

I could see defining a calculated value variable potentially if that value is needed in other calculations. There is a minor gain there.

I guess i was confused as to the intent of the extension:Variables somewhat. i thought we were trying to do something that it does not do so was stating that it wont really solve the primary problem that varpull solves.

I need to fix the error in the new version of varpull. The problem could have been hardware related i am still researching what went on. But I should still be able to revert to uncached behavior if i can detect when the value returned by the cache is invalid. Also i can likely improve the cached data behavior.

Zoycite (talk)23:07, 23 April 2014

I took a pass at simply extracting out duplicated varpulls from into variables, like {{#vardefine:procRate|{{#varpull:LotS/{{{1}}}|LotS Item|procRate}}}}. I don't know if you have any profiling tools to tell us if that was an improvement. A good place to check would be to see if the creation time of has decreased at all (I believe Helmets is our biggest page that uses that template).


Doomcat (talk)06:17, 24 April 2014

Server was experiencing some weird problems from higher than normal load. RAM has been increased to 16GB as a result.

  1. varpull has been reverted to a pre-cache state as weirdness was resulting from varpull data.

This should address most of the pressing issues over the next hour automatically.

Zoycite (talk)12:08, 23 April 2014

Errors on LotS-pages

There are a lot of errors on the LotS pages (e.g.

Expression error: Unexpected * operator.

What can be done to correct this?, 23 April 2014

I am working on fixing it.

Zoycite (talk)11:51, 23 April 2014

pending #varpull changes

NOTICE: The #varpull extension will be changing!

I am making a major change to #varpull that will improve performance that could impact the accuracy of list pages such as LotS/items/Officers.

This change will leverage memcached on the server side to store article text so that subsequent queries to an article over a period of time do not query the article. This will drastically improve performance on large pages such as LotS/items/Officers.

Accuracy of list pages may be impacted as long as the page lives in memcached. This is pretty much a non-issue though, but should be advised that the cache may take longer to update when changes are made. New items added to the list should be unaffected, unless their source article is updated prior to the cache in memcached expiring.

Zoycite (talk)11:01, 30 March 2014

Changes to #varpull are now live and varpull is correctly pulling data from memcached.

We should see significant improvement on several pages with multiple calls to varpull.

It is important to note that there are 2 different types of cache involving memcached. Each page generation is stored in memcached for approximately 2 minutes. #varpull caches target article text which it retrieves for 15 minutes. So it may take up to 15 minutes for a item table to update even if you forcibly save the item table page. As a bonus though, the page will pull from cache with minor updates so the 2 minute page cache will be generated faster since it will pull its data from the #varpull cache.

Now we can safely continue bombarding #varpull with an obscene number of requests without worrying too much about the performance hit.

Zoycite (talk)23:34, 12 April 2014

fully anon edit enabled

I enabled fully anonymous editing as a test of some new security settings.

If we see a lot of spam, the settings will be reverted.

Zoycite (talk)13:32, 23 October 2013

Testing cloudflare

I turned the site onto Cloudflare for testing to see how well it operates.

Please check it out over the next couple days. I hope that performance increases quite a bit for most people.

Zoycite (talk)10:04, 15 October 2013

the speed now is impressive, only one issue im having, when clicking any link to a page that does not exist yet it reports it cant find the page and gives you a search box instead of taking you to the new page creation, i can get around this by modifying an edit url, not sure if you can change the redirect

Lorak990 (talk)12:41, 17 October 2013

Breaking up pages

It came up in AIM chat that certain pages need to be broken up, or we need a better way of handling them. Particularly for mobile/low bandwidth users.

Figuring out a logical scheme to break up the pages would be nice, if we can preserve the utility of the pages.

Pages that are a problem are like LotS/items/Officers, too much template expansions and expensive parser functions. LotS suffers from it the most, however LoH does have quite a bit of a problem as well.

zoytip may help this problem and we can reduce some of the formatting by removing the description possibly. However this is still in development.

This is only really a problem for huge pages. But these pages do impact overall site performance. Breaking the page up in a logical way seems to be the best bandaid solution to me for now.

Zoycite (talk)22:57, 30 July 2013

Well, the main use of those pages is to compare officers quickly. If I asked a question like: "What's the best Melee officer that a free player can easily obtain?", I can sort by AV ascending and then sort by Role and scroll down to the Melee section. Next, I skim the Obtained column for where I get the officer (Vaults, Expeditions, and Limited Time items are not for free players, so exclude those) and find that 1000 is the best. Furthermore, I can then see in the Ability column that other officers like Acht will boost him even further.

That's really what I feel like the core usage of that page is. If users just want to see a list of Officers, they can use the category page Category:LotS/Officer. I fear, then, that breaking up the page will then pretty much kill the utility it provides unless you can do some kind of like fancy wiki pagination stuff where the sorting happens across multiple pages, in which case I'm cool with that.

To your point, those pages are taking longer and longer to generate, as is illustrated by the fact that I have to purge that page with some frequency.

I guess my opinion is, then, that if we can't keep the page as it is (or with some crazy paging stuff), that it's kind of pointless to keep, and it should just be killed off entirely. Hope that's not too harsh.


Doomcat (talk)14:10, 31 July 2013

I probably wont be able to get sorting across multiple pages working, that just is not feasible.

While incredibly useful that it does display all in one place and is sortable, maybe we can break it up into Type, that seems to be the most logical. Eliminates the need to sort by melee since it is being done already, so saves you a step.

Also maybe we need to have a shorter page that is just name, type, AV. We should probably have the user click on the page to get the obtained info. Lots of reasons for this, but rendering the descriptions are expensive.

Other pages that have lots of entries we should break up into pages by AV (or other stat) if there is no distinguishable type on the item.

Zoycite (talk)21:20, 9 August 2013

The officers work on three main axes: Race, Role, Attribute. I'm not sure which one would be best (or even maybe all of them?) to divide the pages on, but I guess whoever gets around to making the split can just decide and do it, and we'll clean up afterward if it's awful.


Doomcat (talk)14:00, 3 September 2013

Ah, so this is why the item category pages keep getting screwed and needing purging? I was wondering if that was it, just getting too big with too many calls. Just had a message on FB mentioning that a bunch were messed up so I purged them. It would be a pity to split up item category pages... Officers are the only one with as clear a division, but even dividing that makes it harder tracking down officers with bonuses vs various raid types etc. The equipment category pages are too big too.  :-/ I suppose another way to split everything is GS/free, really only causes an issue when people are comparing old GS items and new free items.

As a patch in the meantime, could there be a handy Purge button with the Edit button? DotD wiki on wikia has that, although its far more necessary there since every item page has to be purged after creation or editing due to the nature of the templates.

Feathin (talk)20:07, 2 October 2013

I will see if I can enable a purge.

The main concern is page load time for people. This is what breaking up the page would do.

Categories work a bit different and are a feature of mediawiki. I am talking mostly about the pages that are big lists of things with tons of items on them.

Zoycite (talk)21:22, 2 October 2013

Mobile vs Online

I am going through and putting level 5 attack and defense on the officers? I don't know if this information is available somewhere else, but when I look at the information on the officers, it shows level 1 attributes. I put it as a note on the bottom. I also indicate that this is information from the mobile app. I am not 100% sure, but I believe there ARE differences between the mobile and online app when it comes to these. Of course, one would have to be careful about added crew or officers that adjust the base values, and I am keeping that in mind when doing this.

I am going to check today, but I also relatively sure that many of the amour/weapon values are skewed as well. On the mobile app, it doesn't show the increase for attack/defense/stamina/energy in the tooltip, but they apply IN SOME CASES. In others they are completely irrelevant.

I would just like to see the mobile app incorporated into this site, since many of the same items appear there.

Touchet (talk)10:54, 12 August 2013

I do not know myself, however i will make sure this is brought to the LotS admin's attention, and try to get a better answer for you. There is probably a need for this information (as in doesn't exist yet), and possibly we need to start a new wiki section for the mobile game if it is different enough.

At the very least we could maybe add some mobile specific info.

I do not play LotS any longer myself; and haven't played in ages so I have forgotten much about it. If all else fails, you are welcome to edit and add the info as you see fit. Just don't leave things in a broken state.

Zoycite (talk)11:21, 12 August 2013

Here is an example of an edit I did. I didn't know how to remove the nagivation bar, so there are two. As you can see, this item was nerfed very badly in the mobile app, even though the cost of suns was the same.

This is only a small sample of how badly the mobile edition is being handled. Had I to do it over again, I would have never played it.

Touchet (talk)13:41, 12 August 2013

Sorry here is the link:

Touchet (talk)13:41, 12 August 2013

Touchet, the LotS wiki does not support the mobile app at present. Support for the mobile app sounds like a substantial project that might require hundreds or thousands of edits to existing wiki content. I don't want to start changing LotS content without a firm plan of attack and a commitment (from you or someone else) to see the project through to completion. Otherwise, we will compromise our standards across the wiki.

I would ask (for now) that you hold off making changes to the wiki that reflect information contained in the mobile app.

Klaxxin (talk)14:05, 12 August 2013

I have in idea we could do for mobile, that would not compromise integrity of any exist pages.

Add a subpage called /mobile to an item page. so if the item name was "X-Ray Gun", the Item page would be "LotS/X-Ray Gun", this would represent the item in the normal version of the game. If there was a mobile version of the item that differs, there also exists a page "LotS/X-Ray Gun/mobile". It is identical to the "LotS/X-Ray Gun" page except it contains the information that is specific to the mobile game.

We can throw a #ifexists parser function on the individual item pages item card template, for mobile pages and display a link to the mobile version. We can then long term plan do something with these mobile pages. obviously the mobile versions need their own item list pages. For mobile we will want to break these up into smaller pages anyway for 5-10 items per page. We could also utilize #varpull to duplicate the item card for values that are the same unless they are specified.

A lot could be done to reduce information duplication. But I think creating a separate page for mobile might be the way to go, and would not create thousands of edits that could potentially damage many existing articles.

Zoycite (talk)14:19, 12 August 2013

just my 2c on the subject - I believe I know why the stats are vastly different, the nova set was upgraded when it was re-released/updated so you are looking at the original stats (which at the time were better than anything previously released), so the mobile version is way out of date for some items, Im not sure why they have released the old version or if they plan to update it to current, the same thing is happening on the dotd mobile version and trying to maintain 2 versions would be a bigger project than i personally have time for as I only play the games intermittently beyond updating this/dotd wiki's, i have to agree with Klaxxin that this would need to be a structured separate project to update of all pages (probably via zoybot) with a flag for mobile version stats, we can discuss this further here or in the admin chat though.

Lorak990 (talk)15:22, 12 August 2013

Custom side bars

So i tackled one of the biggest feature requests and implemented per page sidebars. This should be pretty straight forward to modify change on a per game basis. Also the overall sidebar has changed and is also less cluttered as well.

I set them up with what made sense for the navigation to the user experience. Check the Zoywiki Tutorials for more info.

Zoycite (talk)22:32, 27 July 2013

Also as a result of the sidebars being custom now, I had to make a few changes to page structures on some of the games that were using Danxor naming of placing Home after the main page name, but all in all everything should now be consistent and Home should just redirect to the base game name now. Let me know about anything that isn't working quite right.

Zoycite (talk)22:36, 27 July 2013

6/17 Live Maintenance


There will be a live server maintenance on 6/17 from 21:00 CDT to 22:00 CDT, where service outages will occur.

This message mostly posted for Recent changes police.

I will be performing some important upgrades to help address site issues.

Zoycite (talk)16:59, 17 June 2013

Maintenance has been postponed for 2 hours due to networking issues that needed immediate attention.

Zoycite (talk)21:26, 17 June 2013

Maintenance completed. However still some high priority issues to address in a follow up maintenance.

Zoycite (talk)08:14, 18 June 2013

Most everything looks to be up and working.

- Wiki editor extension works again - thread replies should work without spinny thing forever

Working on resolving a few behind the scenes stuff.

The only major high priority issue is: new user signups from certain pages are generating weird error log messages on server side. However should be resolved shortly without any performance hit.

Zoycite (talk)19:30, 18 June 2013

Pages to Delete

What's the deal with ? Do we really just need to delete every page listed there? The all seem to be in the Jugg/ space, so if there's Jugg admin would wants to take a glance over that...

Doomcat (talk)13:24, 24 May 2013

i made that page for danxor at some point. It eventually needs to be done. I think the pages were orphaned or contain problems or something.

I have not played Jugg in some time because the operators of that game are a certain kind of special. I will figure out with Danxor when he is not moving but, for now i say just keep it as is. and if you get really bored delete at will.

Zoycite (talk)00:46, 25 May 2013

Need to add something to LotS item template.

I wanted to go in and add a note to each item used in item hunts. Let's people know when viewing an item that it's used for an item hunt piece. That way newer people who aren't aware of the hunts can become aware that the item has a use for something else.

Basically just add a section in the template that says "|used to obtain=" and then link to the specific piece it's used for.

I'm asking here because I don't know where the template is, whether or not I can add that, or if people think it's even necessary. I'm not active on wikis because there are always jerks who revert what I do because they don't like it or whatever other reasons, so I hadn't spent much time learning how the coding works and how to find things.

Lustre (talk)16:07, 28 April 2013

No replies to this, does that mean no one knows? Or is that just a mean way of saying I can't do it.

Lustre (talk)19:28, 6 May 2013

I added required= to the template. I altered one page to show the usage: Mermara's Trident. If people are cool with this, then we can roll with it. I named it required because I expect to use it for both what you've asked and for indicating that an item is a Mission Requirement, too, like I did for Raiyama

Doomcat (talk)17:23, 22 May 2013

website upgrades

Over the next 30 days I will be working on upgrading the server. I know we just had an upgrade less than a year ago, and we are already at the point of needing to upgrade again. Hooray narwhals! Currently we are on a dedicated host, which means that our upgrading capacity is very limited and no hardware is actually owned. I have been working with a team of my friends to help advise how to take the site into the next phase of fun. And well that day is here. We officially have the barebones amount of hardware needed to begin the transition.

I have managed to find a great host to provide the site with colocation. We will have redundant cogent and L3 connections.

So for the techie people, the new server is going to have 6 SAS 15k rpm drives, 32GB ram, dual Xeon processors, and a 100Mb upload (with possibility of 1Gb). Currently we are 10Mb/s, core i5, 4GB, and only 2 300GB SATA drives.

So what all this means is

  • Faster page loading
  • Less operational costs
  • More ugprade-ability.
Zoycite (talk)18:42, 9 February 2013

Webiste is up on the new server officially now.

I will be hammering out any kinks from the move. I have made several hardware and software optimizations. So will need to get everything working on the new server. Some of the java script and css does not seem to be including correctly.

One thing you may notice is urls can now be referenced externally without the index.php being specified.

Zoycite (talk)17:12, 23 March 2013

I am aware of some of the issues and am working on them presently. Please report any issues to this thread. Thanks!

Zoycite (talk)18:41, 23 March 2013
  • MediaWiki software updated
  • Liquid Threads updated

seems to have resolved most glaring problems.

Zoycite (talk)20:15, 23 March 2013

Two things I noticed:

1) At least on my browser (FF19/Win7), the top ad overlaps the tabs and (partially) the page header.

2) When I clicked "reply" to this thread, the ajax loading wheel came up, and then the textbox for my reply appeared, but the loading wheel is still here.

Plujan (talk)16:54, 24 March 2013

re 1: yeah i need to refix the height bar on the top ad. that was a custom hack i will pull it from the old site.

re 2: interesting i noticed that. I also noticed somethign weird with the wiki editor too; like the wysiwyg controls dont work.

Zoycite (talk)17:28, 24 March 2013

1) fixed the header

2) still tracking down the random weird loading.

Zoycite (talk)14:30, 27 March 2013

Fixed the file uploads.

Zoycite (talk)02:35, 26 March 2013

Been working on resolving any remaining issues.

This is the TODO/Status List as of today

  • Still having issues with the loading thingy on forum replies
  • No wiki editor widgets -> possibly related to above
  • Sidebar randomly broken now

Also as discussed in AIM chat image hot linking was disabled by request.

So yeah anything else I am missing?

Zoycite (talk)19:23, 2 April 2013


  • loading thingy broken -> not sure
  • wiki editor extension broken
  • sidebar fixed (google prototype.js conflict)
  • fixed top banner ads to be clickable again.
  • performance optimizations made

The reason the extensions are still broke is I am researching some nginx specific stuff that i am working on resolving in staging before I push live.

Zoycite (talk)13:10, 1 May 2013

enabled sub paging. A a small link tree should appear below the title of the page. The page will be broken on slashes. Pages that do not have pages in the wiki will not appear in the link tree.


LotS/items/Gloves -> links to LotS only, because LotS/items does not exist (at time of posting)

VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Mass Extinction - The Hard Way! -> Links to VoA, VoA/Zones, and VoA/Zones/beastdomain

The VoA section had already implemented its own solution to this. However this will enable a similar function for everyone for easier browsing and content maintenance. Also it will encourage structuring data more hierarchical for future content.

Now why all this crazy sub page thread stuff, well that is because of this magic right here. Let's say I want a link to everything underneath VoA/Zones/beastdomain,

{{Special:PrefixIndex/VoA/Zones/beastdomain}} produces

VoA/Zones/beastdomainVoA/Zones/beastdomain/A Question of IntegrityVoA/Zones/beastdomain/A Question of Integrity/reward
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/A Question of Integrity/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/At The Water's EdgeVoA/Zones/beastdomain/At The Water's Edge/reward
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/At The Water's Edge/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/BaleVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Beasts for the Stew
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Beasts for the Stew/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Beasts for the Stew/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Blackwort
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Braxi Keeper YubaiVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Braxi TroubleVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Braxi Trouble/reward
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Braxi Trouble/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/BreinneVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Eewww!
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Eewww!/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Eewww!/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Elder Giaborn
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Elder HilnaahVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Elder PoanagVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Etani Treg
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Hunter BindaniVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Hunters' BountyVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Hunters' Bounty/misc
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Hunters' Bounty/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Hunters' Bounty/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Kar of the Domain Clan
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/KlarVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Mass Extinction - The Hard Way!VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Mass Extinction - The Hard Way!/reward
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Mass Extinction - The Hard Way!/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Mea TregVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Message of Faith
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Message of Faith/aboutVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Message of Faith/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Message of Faith/spoiler
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/One To Lead ThemVoA/Zones/beastdomain/One To Lead Them/aboutVoA/Zones/beastdomain/One To Lead Them/reward
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/One To Lead Them/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/The Hunter Becomes The HuntedVoA/Zones/beastdomain/The Hunter Becomes The Hunted/misc
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/The Hunter Becomes The Hunted/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/The Hunter Becomes The Hunted/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/The King of the Beasts
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/The King of the Beasts/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Trial of the BeastVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Trial of the Beast/misc
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/Trial of the Beast/rewardVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Trial of the Beast/spoilerVoA/Zones/beastdomain/Wart
VoA/Zones/beastdomain/YahnoaVoA/Zones/beastdomain/YurvVoA/Zones/beastdomain/a tame braxi

Which this can be done for any page in the wiki and it will create this quite nice list of pages for content. This is just utilizing a MediaWiki feature we should have been for ages.

Zoycite (talk)13:39, 8 January 2013

Ads updated

I updated the ad display slightly of the banner and sidebar ads. Seems to be less obstructing than before. Let me know if it is a problem.


Zoycite (talk)06:22, 8 November 2012

performance issues

I am aware of the site performance issues. I am working on dealing with them. The site will be a maintenance during the early AM hours for US time zones over the next several days. The good news is you guys are breaking the new server. The good news is narwhals are gonna fix it with magic horns. (yes good news x2)

Zoycite (talk)12:12, 5 October 2012

This is going to be ongoing for a while. I made some major band-aid fixes so the site is at least usable again.

More optimizations coming soon!

Zoycite (talk)18:44, 6 October 2012

page crawl times

so since the server upgrade, time the web crawler spends loading the page is down to 1/3 of what it was. This means pages are loading faster. Anyway fancy smancy chart


Zoycite (talk)09:10, 24 August 2012

New extension

So I installed the Liquid Threads thing. It is enabled by default on talk pages. If we don't like it, I can remove it.

Zoycite (talk)17:30, 21 August 2012

also made a new section on the sidebar called Forums. feel free to put any forums there you want for games or what ever.

Zoycite (talk)08:31, 24 August 2012

Wiki hosts

So I modified some server configs to make all requested urls be redirected to "", so whether you goto or you will always be sent to The redirect is intelligent so it will keep the URL you had so if you for some reason randomly click on something that might have a full url such as " ever" it will correctly be replaced with just " ever". This may cause you to get logged out if you have never logged in on "". So I did this to help optimize SEO. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Zoycite (talk)08:30, 24 August 2012
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