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  • Tactics are sorted by 'value', the "Craptics" (as the useless tactics are named in game) and tactics almost never used are at the bottom.
  • EDC chain tactics are low in rankings as they are not compatible with Gorgon Stare and Bull in a China Shop. EDC chain is outdated.
  • On general raids,the raid summoner can remove tactics by double-clicking on the tactic icons. The tactic summoner can remove his own.
  • The summoner of a raid should check the coherence of the tactics added on his raids, and remove those that don't fit.
  • The more accurate the tactics are, the less hits you will need to reach good loot levels, and the more raids you will be able to hit.
  • Most common errors:
    • Never waste a tactic slot with a "craptic" on it. If you don't have good tactics, other players will.
    • Don't mix EdC chain tactics and Bull or GS : less than 30% damage bonus in total, as the EdC tactics become "craptics".
    • Don't add Better to Receive on a tiered raid (gives only a common), or at the start of a hard raid ("Craptic" on that way).
    • Plan 10 and Plan 11 only work if both are on (individually they are useless), and on Huk-Kral raids only. But Plan's Chain (100%) is still not better than 2 good spikes (e.g. LF+Gambit is 60+45 = 105%).
    • Teachings of Wu is giving very bad reward on raids with high tiers (Subjugators, Weiqi, Pox/Temple...).
    • Don't put spike tactics on small/highly valuable raids such as Bashan, Warmaster, and Sentinel.
    • Dutch/Stonewall are only worth 60% if placed on a raid that is dual Mechanized/Ship such as Xenoxide, Colossa, Jalfrezi, Gedrocht, Genesis, and Void Master. Otherwise they are worth 20-40% and Gambit is a better choice at 45%.
    • For Pox/Temple/Uprising, Bull/GS are preferred, but only if tactics are arranged privately before going to World Chat. Otherwise, AW + (Gambit/LF/SUH) are better since these raids die too quickly for tactics to become settled; and too often end up with a poor combination such as Bull+Gambit.
    • Asymetric Warfare (AW) does not work on Plague or Purple Lion.

General Tactics[edit]

Icon Name Ability Tactic Type Avg Damage alone Avg Damage/slot if synergy Obtained
Deal in Death Deal in Death]]
Stan's Undying Heroism Stan's Undying Heroism]]
Legacy Forge Legacy Forge]]
Bull in a China Shop Bull in a China Shop]]
Gorgon's Stare Gorgon's Stare]]
Master Wu's Gambit Master Wu's Gambit]]
Broadside Cannons Broadside Cannons]]
Out of the Drift Out of the Drift]]
Collision Course Collision Course]]
Trojan Horse Trojan Horse]]
Angel of Death Angel of Death]]
Applied Scholarship Applied Scholarship]]
Biological Warfare Biological Warfare]]
Death from the Darkness Death from the Darkness]]
Trick or Treat Trick or Treat]]
Smythe Procedure Smythe Procedure]]
The Dutch Defence The Dutch Defence]]
The Stonewall Attack The Stonewall Attack]]
Propaganda Propaganda]]
Fold Space Fold Space]]
Mercy Kill Mercy Kill]]
Teachings of Wu Teachings of Wu]]
Better to Receive... Better to Receive...]]
Take a Chance Take a Chance]]
Asymmetric Warfare Asymmetric Warfare]]
Plan 10 from Outer Space Plan 10 from Outer Space]]
Plan 11 from Outer Space Plan 11 from Outer Space]]
Caped Crusading Caped Crusading]]
Quiskerian Psi-Eye Quiskerian Psi-Eye]]
Secret Weapon Secret Weapon]]
Final Assault Final Assault]]
What Ya Gonna Do? What Ya Gonna Do?]]
Purge Purge]]
Lightning Assault Lightning Assault]]
Esprit de Corps Esprit de Corps]]
Flank Attack Flank Attack]]
Suppressive Fire Suppressive Fire]]
Preparation Preparation]]
Backseat Thinker Backseat Thinker]]
Calculated Shot Calculated Shot]]
Counterattack Counterattack]]
Crazy Like a Fox Crazy Like a Fox]]
Death World Death World]]
Deception Deception]]
Dutch Courage Dutch Courage]]
Element of Surprise Element of Surprise]]
Fear the Reaper Fear the Reaper]]
Float Like a Butterfly Float Like a Butterfly]]
Focused Fire Focused Fire]]
Force of Numbers Force of Numbers]]
Forte Against Foible Forte Against Foible]]
Gadgetmaster Gadgetmaster]]
I Have a Cunning Plan... I Have a Cunning Plan...]]
It's a Trap! It's a Trap!]]
Jackpot Jackpot]]
Killing Field Killing Field]]
Last Stand Last Stand]]
Little Grey Cells Little Grey Cells]]
No Escape No Escape]]
Overconfidence Overconfidence]]
Prey on the Weak Prey on the Weak]]
Pursuit of Excellence Pursuit of Excellence]]
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire]]
Reckless Charge Reckless Charge]]
Rousing Speech Rousing Speech]]
Ruthlessness Ruthlessness]]
Scorched Earth Scorched Earth]]
Space Raiders Space Raiders]]
Split-Second Carnage Split-Second Carnage]]
Sting Like a Bee Sting Like a Bee]]
Storm Storm]]
Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal]]
Support Support]]
Terror Terror]]
Thousand Cuts Thousand Cuts]]
Total War Total War]]
Veni, Vidi, Vici Veni, Vidi, Vici]]

Operations Tactics[edit]

Icon Name Ability Tactic Type Avg Damage alone Avg Damage/slot if synergy Obtained
Besalaad Brain Buster Besalaad Brain Buster]]
Halloween Hijinks Halloween Hijinks]]
Purple People Eater Purple People Eater]]
Space Race Space Race]]