LotS/Sludge Scale Chest

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Sludge Scale Chest Chest
Attack: 69
Defense: 61
Sludge Scale Chest
2. Slubulus' flora and fauna have been observed (usually from extremely close quarters, lest all the smog get in the way) to evolve at an incredible rate. It's speculated that this might be the result of all the toxic and radioactive waste dumped into the environment and food supply. Alternatively, it might simply be that the choice was between rapid evolution and extinction -- which left nature with something of a dilemma. In any event, the birds, beasts, and fish which are unfortunate enough to call Slubulus home have largely become ugly, twisted, often fearsome abominations. This has proven delightful to biologists, providing them with the material for numerous books and theses -- and to gourmets, who've always wondered what a radioactive slime fish might taste like.
Obtained from

Lieutenant Targe
Vulture Gunship
Sludge Serpent
Centurian Storm Commander
Dule's Robot
Space Pox

Used in the following

Lab: Sludge Scavenger Chest