LotS/Quiskerian Warrior Boots

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Quiskerian Warrior Boots Boots
Attack: 120
Defense: 130
Quiskerian Warrior Boots
Quiskerian Way of War: Increases Energy by 15, Stamina by 10, Health by 50; +50 Health for each additional Quiskerian Warrior item worn; Chance for bonus damage
5. Conflict with the Huk-Kral proved disastrous. Those bellicose aliens were more than a match for the Quiskerians, both in terms of physical strength and hardiness and in terms of their military technology. Moreover, they laughed at such notions as diplomacy and peace accords. To them, war wasn't something one could initiate and then simply withdraw from as one pleased. Hence the Quiskerians found themselves losing world after world in a series of brutal battles. Their empire was faced with annihilation.
Obtained from

Quiskerian Temple

Used in the following

Lab: Quiskerian Invader Boots