LotS/Infested Xeno-Hazard Boots

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Infested Xeno-Hazard Boots Boots
Attack: 102
Defense: 98
Infested Xeno-Hazard Boots
Purge: Chance for bonus damage (615,000); Extra damage against infestation raids (1,230,000)
14. "Me and Gavin made it to one of the vehicles. I was unharmed, and he only had a few cuts and bruises. He seemed fine. Laughing like a madman? Yes, that's what I said in my statement. But he's... he was... a civilian. He hadn't seen combat before, and he'd just cracked a man's head open with a wrench. It's not unusual for someone to go manic after something like that. Of course I didn't know! If I knew he was infected, do you retards think I would have let him go home to his wife and daughter?" -- Tess Haloran, testimony before the UHW inquiry into the Bannon incident
Obtained from

Pythons Revenge

Alien Lair

Return to the Lair

Colonies Corruption

Used in the following

Lab: Infested Xeno-Hazard Boots MK II


This item is a guaranteed drop when you do > 75m damage