LotS/Blue Dwarf Gloves

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Blue Dwarf Gloves Gloves
Attack: 102
Defense: 124
Blue Dwarf Gloves
Smeg Head!: Chance for bonus damage against Space Pox raid; Increases Stamina by 5
3. A hardcore group of the show's fans conducted a fundraising campaign, asking their fellow viewers to donate money in an effort to secure a new future for their favorite program. Donations poured in from across the length and breadth of human space -- and even from a number of alien worlds. This money was paid to an arms manufacturer, and used to equip the most fanatical fans in what they dubbed 'Blue Dwarf' armor. This would become the public image and uniform of their movement.
Obtained from

Intergalactic Space Pox
Space Pox

Required In

Item Hunt: Red Thunderstorm


Unique: You can only own one copy of this Gloves.