LotS/Atreyu's Bracers

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Atreyu's Bracers Gloves
Attack: 100
Defense: 160
Atreyu's Bracers
Son of All: Chance for bonus damage; Increased proc rate and a small chance to proc twice against Epic and Colossal raids

(18,450 damage)

His story quest marked Atreyu's passage from boy to warrior. And with that change came other inexorable alternations to his life. As word of his skills spread, he was called away from the colony for greater and greater stretches of time -- until both he and the dozens of inhabitants he regarded as his kin understood that he no longer belonged to them alone, but to the empire as a whole. When that happened, Atreyu drew comfort from the piece of knowledge which glittered at the core of his being: that they were all now part of the eternal tale, united by the dual heritage of his birth and upbringing and made immortal in its telling.
Obtained from

Cyborg Shark

Used in the following

Lab: Atreyu