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This page is a walkthrough of all Averna's quests

The Daedric Grimiore[edit]


  • Obtain the Grimiore
  • Give the Grimiore to Averna

Log Entry:

I must recover an old Grimiore from a coven of Hagravens for Averna

This is a Radiant AI quest, which means the Game picks a Dungeon containing Hagravens that you have not cleared, sticks the quest object in that dungeon, and then tells you to go get it.

  1. There is no way to tell which Dungeon the mod will send you to
  2. Whichever dungeon is picked, the Grimiore will be found somewhere near the Dungeons boss, since it is spawned at a DungeonBossTreasureMarker
  3. After obtaining the book, give it to Averna in order to finish the quest.


The Grimiore is written in Daedric and contains a message that can be translated into English

The ritual of Sorrow, full translation here

Bring out your Virgins[edit]


  • Trap the Souls of 7 Virgins for Averna
  • Bring the Virgin Soul Gems to Averna

Log Entry:

I must trap the souls of 7 virgins. Averna has given me a spell to detect them. I can also bring her along and she will point them out.

Averna Gives you 7 Black Soul Gems, and the spell 'Detect Virgins'. It is up to you to find virgins scattered across skyrim, trap their souls, and return the Virgin Soul Gems to Averna. If you have the killable children mod, this quest is significantly easier, although worryingly not all children are virgins. Fortunately, there are other virgins in the world that you can kill. Here is a list of places where you can definitely find some:

  1. Riften - usually three of them outside, and the orphanage has one you can kill, the docks outside Riften features an Argonian Virgin
  2. Dragon Bridge - Some farm kid living with his dad
  3. Markarth - Around 8PM the Silver-Blood Inn has 3 Virgins
  4. Falkreath - usually has two in its pub

In order to capture a virgin's soul you MUST:

  1. have empty black soul gems in your inventory
  2. cast soul trap on virgin (or use soul trap weapon)
  3. kill virgin before soul trap spell wears off

Its best to take Averna with you on this quest, since it can be annoying having to constantly cast Detect Virgins. Averna will immediately point out when there is a Virgin within 50 feet of the player, so you only have to use the spell after Averna mentions there is one nearby.


Getting Virgin Soul Gems without using soul trap[edit]

There is an unfixiable cheat/hack that has confused a few players. For instance, if you already have a filled black soul gem in your inventory and kill a virgin WITHOUT using soul trap, you will still get a virgin soul gem. This is because the quest doesn't know if you cast soul trap after a virgin has already died. So after you kill a virgin, the quest checks to see if you got a filled black soul gem (ideally, from trapping the virgins soul) and if you do, it will swap that out for a virgin soul gem.

Too many virgins in a room or slow computer[edit]

The Mod does a really good job of tracking the player, checking if there are any virgins nearby, and handing out Virgin Soul Gems when they are soul trapped. For performance reasons the quest cannot check every second, so its possible it can get behind and sometimes you will kill a virgin without getting credit for it. For one the Mod can only keep track of four Virgins at a time, and it picks the 4 Virgins closest to you. If you somehow manage to walk into a room with 5 virgins and kill them all, you will only get credit for 4. A good thing to know is that the quest 're-registers' nearby virgins every time you change location, or wait for an hour. So save before each Virgin kill, and if the game doesn't register it re-load and then wait for an hour before killing the Virgin again.

NOTE: On some computers, it can take a long time for the game to 'register' nearby virgins after changing location/waiting an hour, depending on your hardware, and number of mods installed. If you are having trouble getting the game to recognize the virgins you've killed, bring Averna with you. When averna points to a virgin and says 'there's one right over there' it's confirmation that the quest has recognized nearby virgins, and you will get credit for soul-trapping them.

Azura's Black Star[edit]

If you kill a virgin and it's soul goes to the Azura's Black Star, you will not get a virgin soul gem.

Averna Control Quest[edit]

This is a 'hidden' quest that doesn't actually show up in your quest log. This quest keeps the player from progressing to far with Averna without doing some important pre-requisites

  1. Starting the Quest
    1. After giving Averna the 7 Virgin Soul Gems, she will mention it takes time to translate the Daedric text
  2. Dialogue option "Any progress translating the ritual?"
    1. If you have not completed Bounty on High she will respond "No, I'm still struggling with this one symbol. Doesn't Stabby have someone for you to kill?"
    2. If you have not unlocked all of Averna's shouts she will respond "Please take me with you on a contract, I want to get my hands bloody."
    3. If you have done all the above then Averna will discus the ritual translation with you, and explain that you must obtain the Mace of Molag Bal
  3. Obtaining the Mace
    1. If you have already done the quest The House of Horrors then just talk to Averna with the Mace of Molag Bal in your Inventory. Otherwise, hit the link for the walk through
    2. Return the mace to Averna, which will unlock the next dialogue option:
  4. Dialogue option "Are you ready for the Ritual?"
    1. If you have not obtained the Letter to Stabby during the Digging Deeper quest then Averna will respond: "I need time to mentally prepare myself. Isn't there a Dragon Gospel you're supposed to be looking for?"
    2. After you have gotten the letter from Averna, she will repond "I am ready"

The Ritual of Sorrow[edit]


  • Bring Averna to the Shrine of Sorrow
  1. Ask Averna to follow you
  2. Travel to the Shrine of Sorrow
  3. Once the scene begins, you must get Averna's health to below 20%, however you decide to do that is completely up to you.
  4. Run away when things go wrong... or right?


If you return to the sanctuary after this quest, Stabby will immediately ask how things went. This dialogue will change after the quest 'The Void Crawler Comes'

The Void Crawler Comes and Averna Finalie[edit]


  • Stop the void crawler

After the ritual of Sorrow, there are three quests remaining. They are all very similar:

  1. The Void Crawler Comes
  2. The Void Crawler Strikes Back
  3. The Return of Averna

These quests will trigger randomly when you walk into one of the following cities:

  1. Falkreath
  2. Morthal
  3. Winterhold
  4. Whiterun
  5. Riften
  6. Markarth

After walking into one of these cities, the void crawler will appear, going on a crazy killing spree. You must stop the void crawler. Using Averna's shouts on it is super effective. After defeating the Void Crawler it will disappear to be replaced by Averna. She will force greet you and you will have to navigate a dialogue tree. No matter what you say, she will disappear. After you complete 'The Return of Averna' you can find her in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, where she will give you the spell Conjure Void Crawler