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This is a listing of global templates and a link to their talk pages to discuss what they are for

Template Sample Sections Using Notes Discussion Link
Template:! | All Creates Pipe Template_talk:!
Template:!- |- All Creates Pipe Dash Template_talk:!-
Template:!w | All Creates Pipe (white) Template_talk:!w
Template:AbsLink {{AbsLink|Zoywiki|Colors}} -> Colors HoT Links to 1/2, Displays 2 Template_talk:AbsLink
Template:Ally Template:Ally LoH Ally text Template_talk:Ally
Template:CoG Item n/a CoG Probably useless Template_talk:CoG Item
Template:Col-2 n/a All Multi-column Template_talk:Col-2
Template:Col-begin n/a All Multi-column Template_talk:Col-begin
Template:Col-end n/a All Multi-column Template_talk:Col-end
Template:Collapsed n/a UF, HoT, LotS Hidden content Template_talk:Collapsed
Template:CollectionRow n/a LotS Collection Pieces Template_talk:CollectionRow
Template:ColorLink n/a All Allows override of link colors Template_talk:ColorLink
Template:DONOTEDIT n/a All Zoybot will not edit this page Template_talk:DONOTEDIT
Template:Delete n/a All Mark for deletion Template_talk:Delete
Template:DifficultyCheck n/a LotS Outputs the difficulty of a numeric difficulty Template_talk:DifficultyCheck
Template:Event Event LoH Event text Template_talk:Event
Template:Experiment n/a LotS Experiment template old? Template_talk:Experiment
Template:G JuggGoldImage.png Jugg Gold Icon Template_talk:G
Template:Hash # Any Creates a hash Template_talk:Hash
Template:HeaderAds n/a All Ads Template_talk:HeaderAds
Template:Item n/a EverQuest Creates Links to EQ items in Lucy DB Template_talk:Item
Template:LinkPath n/a HoT Creates a link to each section of Article Path Template_talk:LinkPath
Template:Lock Task-lock2.gif HoT Creates a lock icon Template_talk:Lock
Template:Magelo n/a EverQuest Links to a magelo profile Template_talk:Magelo
Template:MapLink n/a HoT Links to Map files Template_talk:MapLink
Template:Martial Martial LoH Create Martial text Template_talk:Martial
Template:Memento Memento LoH Mis-spelled? Template_talk:Memento
Template:Minus - Any Create a Minus sign Template_talk:Minus
Template:None None LoH Displays "None" Template_talk:None
Template:Nowrap n/a Any Makes text not word wrap Template_talk:Nowrap
Template:Plus + Any Create plus sign Template_talk:Plus
Template:Quest n/a HoT, Everquest creates quest page for EQ sections Template_talk:Quest
Template:QuestLink n/a Unknown Some kind of link Template_talk:QuestLink
Template:Spoiler-begin n/a Everquest Begins a spoiler Template_talk:Spoiler-begin
Template:Spoiler-end n/a Everquest Ends a spoiler Template_talk:Spoiler-end
Template:Spoiler-row n/a Everquest Row for a spoiler Template_talk:Spoiler-row
Template:Tactical Tactical LoH Displays Tactical text Template_talk:Tactical
Template:Var n/a Unknown No clue Template_talk:Var
Template:Zone n/a Everquest Template for a Zone page Template_talk:Zone
Template:ZoneLink n/a Everquest Links to a zone page Template_talk:ZoneLink