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As of 7/27/2013, zoywiki now supports per game side bars.

Configuration is easy. All you have to do is create the article for your game such as Game/Sidebar, case sensitive. your sidebar will appear on all pages that start with your games prefix.

So lets assume your page prefix is GAME. Your Main page should also be GAME. Create page GAME/Sidebar.

This wiki code should get you started towards making custom sidebars. The sidebar syntax is the exact same as the default MediaWiki sidebar.

* Game Name
** GAME|Main Page

NOTE: zoywiki is case sensitive and the sidebars are no exception! GAME/sidebar will not work, neither will Game/Sidebar or GAME/Side bar.

Info for Admins[edit]

To change the portions of the sidebar that appear on every page there are 2 special articles:

The Default Sidebar for the main page is still updated through normal MediaWiki, so if you change either of the above you will also need to change