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re: change to card set select416:16, 23 April 2013
You are admin now107:16, 17 March 2013
Thank you316:36, 8 November 2012

re: change to card set select

I made some changes and updated the card set selector. hope you like it. It is more consistent now with how we do things and broken into sub pages. Also takes up less space I think. Might need to put it inside a div or span with display: block or something to make it not stretch the whole screen.

Zoycite (talk)14:25, 18 April 2013

I like it! On Chrome it shows up fine on the front page, but on Firefox it breaks the line in the middle of the tabs, which looks a bit ugly. Also it might be nice to change the color ... it clashes a bit with the front page, at least. But certainly not a big problem.

Plujan (talk)04:11, 19 April 2013

can you screen shot and show me? On firefox it looks awesome for me. even ancient versions of firefox.

Zoycite (talk)11:32, 23 April 2013

Sure. This is also on my old machine which is 1280x1024, which is probably the actual problem here.

LoH wiki screenshot.png

Plujan (talk)14:58, 23 April 2013

oh i see it is a wide screen issue that we just never encounter before i think; that is looks good on widescreen and bad on not wide. I will look into it. Thanks!

Zoycite (talk)16:15, 23 April 2013

You are admin now

Congrats I have made you administrator with all rights and privileges that entails.

Zoycite (talk)15:22, 16 March 2013

Awesome, thanks!

Plujan (talk)07:16, 17 March 2013

Thank you for your contributes. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

Zoycite (talk)06:29, 8 November 2012

I just updated all the LoH cards. Those edits are done via wiki bot/maintenance script normally, so it might not be visible in your history by default.

You seem to know a couple things about wikis, so if you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to ask.

Zoycite (talk)15:05, 8 November 2012

Ah, great, thanks. Are there other things which are also handled automatically? I noticed for instance when plotting out i9 that it looks like all of the mission data was already there -- it just needed to be put into the front page.

Plujan (talk)15:41, 8 November 2012

I haven't gotten around to getting the images, but yes, the i9 stuff has been there a while just missing quest images. Also the quest images get stenographed prior to upload due to certain sites linking to them/downloading them from us.

Also on item images, normally i trim the image in photoshop for transparent pixels before posting them. That way they appear better/more consistent when scaled down.

I can talk more in detail over AIM about the specifics of how it all works. If you send email with AIM screen name to Zoywiki gmail.png, I can go into more detail over IM/email.

Zoycite (talk)16:36, 8 November 2012