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I'll be using this page to draft blurbs about pop culture and geek references in LoTS items.


The AK-47000 is a reference to the real AK-47. The AK-47 and its variants are the most widely-used family of assault rifles in the world.

Battle Chainsaw[edit]

Weapons such as battle chainsaws are a staple of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. 40k's tagline is "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war!"

Tactical Trousers[edit]

Real tactical pants are covered in pockets, pouches, and attachment points to carry all the goodies that special ops forces need. However, LoTS's Tactical Trousers don't have enough pouches to satisfy Commander Liefeld, a reference to comic book artist Rob Liefeld. Liefeld is well known for (among other things) giving his characters an awful lot of pouches.

White Noise Pod[edit]

The White Noise Pod looks like an iPod, Apple's iconic portable media player. White noise is a random-frequency, constant-volume sound. It sounds like a hiss and is useful for masking other sounds. White noise machines are sometimes used for privacy (to mask the sound of private conversation, preventing eavesdropping) or as a sleep aid (to mask irregular noises like traffic).

Red Noise Pod[edit]

Like the White Noise Pod, this device is a reference to the Apple iPod. Apple sold limited-edition red iPod nano and shuffle models as part of (PRODUCT)RED, which raises awareness and funds to fight AIDS in Africa. The term "red noise" is often used to refer to Brownian noise, which is random but weighted toward lower frequencies. It does not generally fill individuals with violent rage.

Ironic Screwdriver[edit]

This item is a reference to the sonic screwdriver, one of the staples of the Doctor Who series. The ironic screwdriver's appearance most resembles that of the sonic screwdrivers used by The Doctor's ninth and tenth incarnations.

Montreal Screwdriver[edit]

Like the Ironic Screwdriver, this item is a reference to The Doctor's sonic screwdriver. It looks somewhat more like the screwdriver carried by the Eleventh Doctor. In addition, its name and description are references to the Montreal Screwjob, a controversial event in American professional wrestling.

Phasing Laser[edit]

This weapon is a reference to the hand-held Type 2 phaser from Star Trek. Its graphic most closely resembles the phasers used in the Original Series and the movies that featured the Original Series cast.