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Ooh, the new features sound exciting. I've gone ahead and typed up the rest of Issues 1-3, since I had already transcribed those, and have started on issue 4, but of course now things are much slower. Maybe we should ask on the forums to see if there are others who would help?

I've also tried making a template with #varpull, LoH/CardArt, which you can use to pull the name of the art file for a given card, which makes writing these a lot easier.

When's a good time to chat in AIM? I'm in European time, so coordinating with people in other time zones can be tricky.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Plujan (talk)10:50, 21 November 2012

any time is good and will get you added. i will respond to all messages as soon as I get them. I am on US time, so obviously the next couple days are a pretty hefty family time (thanksgiving etc) in the US, so I might be spotty/not be near a computer, but otherwise yeah any time.

Zoycite (talk)13:47, 21 November 2012