Another varpull question

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ok I have defaulted varpull to be silent on errors, however if you want them to appear add a 4th parameter as "true".

It should be completely silently fail now with no text at all output on errors.


  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|name}}
  • Result: Moxie
  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|name|true}}
  • Result: Moxie
  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|zoycite}}
  • Result:
  • Code: {{#varpull: LoH/cards/Moxie|LoH/Card|zoycite|true}}
  • Result: Unable to locate variable:zoycite in template: LoH/Card
Zoycite (talk)10:41, 15 December 2012