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it seems there are 2 versions of some of the of the Bluthian Gamer items based on gender, i'll dupe the pages and add a note, working on tracking down the images, i see the male versions as that's the gender of my character. the alternate version can be seen in 2 ways based on the gender of your character on raid loot lists, or if own the item and equip it on a different gender player in your galaxydome team. will need to add them to the raid/item categories.

Bluthian Gamer Skirt/Pants, Bluthian Gamer Bracers/Bracelets, Bruthian Gamer Top/Shirt, it only counts as one item as far as i am aware.

At some point its probably worth making a sets section that lists each item from the different sets with alternate listings.

Lorak990 (talk)04:19, 17 September 2012

created the new items and uploaded images, may need to add a reference that you will only receive one item even though the game funks it as 2, this happens on Kalaxian Cult Underskirt as well

Lorak990 (talk)05:38, 17 September 2012