Adding Red Alert text/image to raids?

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I'm not sure adding the red alerts is necessary. The Raid Data display the exact same text on the Raid Data pages. See Warmaster Kardoc Data.

Also, how'd you get ahold of all the missing zone runs data? That data was taking literally years to collect.

Klaxxin (talk)08:03, 11 February 2013

Good point about the Raid Data text. It's not *exactly* the same words, "Now <Player> is out for revenge against one of their Warmasters." versus "Now you can get a little payback by taking out one of their Warmasters." but I do see now that the distinction between the two is of no real value. The only two points of interest left then are the icons, if we want those, and on raids where we don't have access to the Raid Data, like World Raids, the only place on the wiki the Red Alert text appears is in the Patch Notes, like this block for Cerebral Destroyer:

Arms manufacturers are always keen to develop the latest innovative weaponry -- products which might earn them a bigger chunk of the interstellar slaughter market and let them rake in the credits. But these days it takes a lot to make the galaxy sit up and take notice. If an up-and-coming company wants to grab headlines and play with the big boys like Terminus and Kill-Tech, they have to bring out something impressive. Something big. Something crazy... Like a giant, genetically engineered brain with psychic powers, mounted on a ship for use in space combat. At least that's what one group of boffins came up with. However, the problem with crazy experiments is that they often have equally crazy consequences. In this case, the brain decided to assume control of the ship, blast the crew out of the airlocks, and take revenge on humanity for its creation. As usual, it's up to you to fix this mess before things get any worse...

I'm not offended if you don't think it has enough value to merit putting anywhere else on the wiki, but I figured I'd at least toss the idea out there.

Regarding the mission runs data, it was pretty much entirely data that I'd collected, but hadn't gotten around to keying in over the past few weeks. I've personally ramped up trying to get a few mission drops as well as AP for zone completions. A couple were numbers that were shared with me, but I'm pretty confident in them. If there's other data that you feel is missing on the wiki and would like me to make it my next priority, I can try to do that. My next goal is to help ensure that the puzzle hunt description text is on the wiki ASAP after, I believe, tomorrow's update.

Doomcat (talk)05:39, 12 February 2013

Whoops, I also forgot we don't have Raid Data for Alliance raids.

Wahsh Al-Sahraa:

Sleesha Wulkar, the famous Snuuth chef, led an expedition into the forbidding wastes of a desert planet -- searching for unique meats and spices to tantalize her restaurant's patrons. But their aircraft crashed, and according to the frantic distress signal there's something approaching the chef and her companions. Something big. If <Alliance> doesn't get there in time, the chef might become the main course.
Doomcat (talk)05:55, 12 February 2013

I think it would be a good addition, if there's a way to add it as a collapsed box and with the option for linking the raid data or stating guild summon/Word Raid/Dev Summon if available. if you need help tracking any of the info down, let me know.

Lorak990 (talk)07:49, 14 February 2013

Yeah, I wouldn't mind linking the summon data to the raids where it's available. After I do a couple other data entry things, I'll come back around and make an updated proposal.

Doomcat (talk)03:19, 20 February 2013