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This isn't critical or anything, but a couple of us were wondering what the chances that we'd be able to have a custom wiki theme on LotS pages. I don't think it's worth moving to Wikia for, but the Dawn of the Dragons (a similar game) wiki has a pretty nice look. I know we could change the colors within the pages, but the top and left sides would still be default, which would kind of kill the effect.

In a quick Google search, I came across though it would require us moving all LotS pages to a LotS namespace. Anyway, I don't think anyone has any specific designs or themes in mind, just wanted to test the waters to see if that was even a technical possibility.

Doomcat (talk)11:11, 9 May 2014

We can certainly add that function. We do currently have the custom side bars.

Right now I am having some contractors look at redoing the overall site theme.

I am not against skins, but they are a lot of work. So step 1 is create the skin, and step 2 is implement it :)

Zoycite (talk)23:55, 9 May 2014

also you can email me the skin you want and i can test it out, them implement a way for it to exist on LotS only.

make sure all the class names in CSS are specific to the skin so that they dont conflict with the default vector classes. (issue for switching between sites/browser caching).

also we may have to adjust some things in common.css for your skin to work correctly.

Zoycite (talk)03:59, 11 May 2014

Cool. I think we could try to come up with something that works in Stylish (or comparable CSS injection addon) and then give that to you when it's right.

Doomcat (talk)09:58, 19 May 2014

Send me an email and I can send you the Vector Skin. I think you can make a skin which extends Vector and just recolors everything.

I can likely make an extension to use a specific skin on the server if your page name starts with LotS

Zoycite (talk)14:58, 19 May 2014