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I think I might have been a little unclear. I never intended variables to replace #varpull, as #varpull does what it does very well. I was just hoping to reduce the overhead of LotS' intense item list pages which have recently been acting up a little more than normal. Sorry for the confusion, and I hope I wasn't offensive.


Doomcat (talk)22:35, 23 April 2014

not offensive, my main concern is to just avoid installing things without a purpose. if we have a reason for extension that will do things we want -> install.

I could see defining a calculated value variable potentially if that value is needed in other calculations. There is a minor gain there.

I guess i was confused as to the intent of the extension:Variables somewhat. i thought we were trying to do something that it does not do so was stating that it wont really solve the primary problem that varpull solves.

I need to fix the error in the new version of varpull. The problem could have been hardware related i am still researching what went on. But I should still be able to revert to uncached behavior if i can detect when the value returned by the cache is invalid. Also i can likely improve the cached data behavior.

Zoycite (talk)00:07, 24 April 2014

I took a pass at simply extracting out duplicated varpulls from into variables, like {{#vardefine:procRate|{{#varpull:LotS/{{{1}}}|LotS Item|procRate}}}}. I don't know if you have any profiling tools to tell us if that was an improvement. A good place to check would be to see if the creation time of has decreased at all (I believe Helmets is our biggest page that uses that template).


Doomcat (talk)07:17, 24 April 2014