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the new version of #varpull was caching information. unfortunately there is a bug somewhere and i had to revert it. i was not checking the cached value to see if it was still valid.

I evaluated Variables extension. It can be installed, but it does not solve the problem (which #varpull does solve) and requires more transclusion and parsing than #varpull does to achieve the same result so Variables is less efficient at the task. Also we have to redo every item page to work with Variables. So that is some major negatives.

The use case of #varpull is this:

  1. Data exists in some article such as Game/Item/Awesome_Sword
  2. We want to generate a page which contains all the swords e.g. Game/Swords
  3. Game/Swords must query Game/Item/Awesome_Sword and all other swords to get the data

For Variables comparison of this task: See Is_there_a_way_to_get_a_value_from_one_page_from_another_page?

Where #varpull excels is getting this specific data. Where it fails is having to requery the same data repeatedly. Not a huge problem, but a solvable one using memcached, which is far superior to any transclusion. None of the ready made solutions offer the same functionality.

I will fix the new version of varpull and all will be good to make sure that it refreshes the cache when it has gone stale. Till then reverted to tried and true version that works.

I will install Variables as well for playing with, but I have a feeling that we will not get significant gains except when fields that are calculated are the same in an "ItemRow" template. Be warned there is some over head there as well.

Zoycite (talk)14:54, 23 April 2014