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I'd realy like to see some information here about how your status go into if you are going to win a pvp battle or how damage is caculated in raid fights based on ships / crew / stats. Does anyone know that info? Also drops per damage would be nice for bosses.


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Zoywiki/LotS in the aftermath of the sets addition and a call to (editing) arms115:46, 11 March 2015
Tiered Raid007:56, 4 August 2014
about mission811:51, 24 April 2014
Problem with some items in raid loot tables203:13, 23 April 2014
Who's in to add proc columns to all the items?407:35, 5 April 2014
Fusion Crystal518:07, 28 March 2014
Item sets215:41, 28 March 2014
The One Big List of Raids FS/OS004:27, 13 March 2013

Zoywiki/LotS in the aftermath of the sets addition and a call to (editing) arms

Very recently, the LotS section of zoywiki got a new addition: the sets page. This was a group effort headed by BotDelicius including over half a dozen people. The work on Zoywiki was mostly done by Doomcat, who provided the template, and BotDelicius, who added in almost all the sets you currently see on the page.

This isn't to say that the work on sets isn't finished. There are still a number of tasks any editors can do.

1. Missing sets

Despite BotDelicius doing the lion's share of the work, there are still missing sets (ones coming to me of the top of my head are Ace of Spaces (which has been corrected), and the Archimedes sets (versions I-IV). There are undoubtably others.

2. Proofreading set pages

Because there's over 100 sets, there's a great chance that there's at least one error in them. This will likely be small errors like the set items being in the wrong order, two set items having the same item# in editing view (so that only one shows up on the actual page), or perhaps a set item that wasn't included in the initial document.

3. Editing set items to fit with new requirements of the set pages.

This is the most difficult task of the three. This is in two parts:

a. Adding a link to each set item linking to the set (see here for example)

b. Adding energy/stamina/honour/health info for items that increase energy, stamina, honour, or health (edit this page to see example)

If you guys want to parcel out sections to yourself (so that we don't have too much redundant checking of sets), I'm sure that's fine with everyone (as long as you get them done)

I personally call the sets that start with 0-9 (and A).

Also, we might like to consider looking in to putting related officers/ships/other into set. See this for example.

Bob™ (talk)15:46, 11 March 2015

Tiered Raid

Maybe a tag on FS/OS list if raid is tiered so it's easier for us that are farming or tagging raid for lower level, also using btr and tow., 4 August 2014

about mission

1.each mission page need title zone.area number & area name
example z1.1
top of page title "Zone 1.1 The Child of Heaven"
mission link show auto "Z1.1: The Child of Heaven"
boss link show auto "Z1.1 Boss: Commander Rautha"
so i need someone can edit template. i cant understand format :(

2.Common Area Drops need more slot
purple Outland Crystal is z20 area drop too. but no space to add.
this one need to edit template too.

3.mission graphic name wrong from z15 to latest.
looks only admin can rename files. plz fix them.

PMaker (talk)03:41, 21 April 2014

1. The top of the page title is the name of the page, i.e. childofheaven. We could move it to Zone 1.1 Child Of Heaven, that would fix the page title. DISPLAYTITLE can only change capitalization and whitespace/underscore changes unless a flag is set in the wiki settings. See For the mission and boss links, which links are you talking about? That is, where are those links?

2. Common area drops can now accommodate up to 4 items, i.e. item3 and item4

Greenkabbage (talk)13:26, 21 April 2014

thx to fix "2" :D

1. that title mean not about page name. show title at top of Common Area Drops. like a "Jailbreak".
link sample:
i think if mission boss link show zone be more better.
so i wish to edit them.
ill help to add zone number parameter + title each area page. plz tell me format.

PMaker (talk)14:15, 21 April 2014

1. Added a new template called MissionHeader. It takes 2 arguments, zone and name.

Example: Add the following code between the first "{|" and the "{{Lots/MissionDrops":

|name=Child of Heaven

2. Edit: I actually added the zone to the mission2b template. Mission2 is not updated. I've added the missionheader to a few test cases, but I think zoywiki's being weird right now and isn't showing everything. We might have to wait for the DB to refresh the varpull stuff...

Greenkabbage (talk)06:08, 23 April 2014

zoycite fixed varpull, so things should be better now.

I've updated zones 1-3, and 11-20 so far. Still have to take a look at mission2 to see what is needed there, and if changing that would break stuff.

Greenkabbage (talk)02:55, 24 April 2014

well i did not exactly fix it, i reverted changes to the slower stable version.

Zoycite (talk)11:51, 24 April 2014

thx :D ill help to edit

PMaker (talk)03:52, 24 April 2014

Heya, I actually already added all the stuff to the missions. Still have to check mission2 though.

Do you know why there are two different templates?

Greenkabbage (talk)05:45, 24 April 2014

Problem with some items in raid loot tables

There is a problem with a some items in tables, e.g., here an example for bethany:

If I go to loot table page directly, some of the items start to show correctly, others don't:

Also, should there be fusion crystals in the loot table? (,

Haveimooed (talk)01:03, 23 April 2014

I removed the fusion crystals from the zone 19 raids (Vunlac, Hao, R. Dule, Bethany, and Noir II). They had crystals in their loot originally, but were removed by 5PG after a few months.

The issue with the extra ]] appearing for the items linked in the tables is a known issue; nothing in the templates or item link data has changed, so it is either a data corruption issue with the wiki server itself, or possibly an update to the server or wiki software has broken something with repeated instances of the LoTS/ItemLink2 template. It's a known issue unfortunately.

Yellow47 (talk)02:21, 23 April 2014

ok, it is a bit hard for a newbie to find a way around all these templates, would help searching for a possible solution with ]]

Haveimooed (talk)03:13, 23 April 2014

Who's in to add proc columns to all the items?

Idea is:
add the proc info on all the items, like:
|baseproc=xxx,xxx (minimal proc value)
|maxproc=yyy,yyy (Best proc possible)

On that way, items (gear, officers, ships, crew, etc...) could be sorted by proc.

Questions i have are:
- Can we do that with a kind of automatic process?
- Concerning proc rates:is there any way to put the info like |baseproc=200,[email protected]% and keeping it sortable?
- Utility and feasability of a "rd criteria: |avgsynergyproc (average damage per 20stam hit if used on the right raids)
- Who is in?

Simon (talk)08:09, 28 March 2014

I'd certainly be willing to help a little. I did a little sandbox experiment to be able to sort officers by DPS:

You can look at the details of the officers listed in my table (I ran out of time/energy to update all officers), but it followed a format of: |proc=10 |damage=7000 |Human=210

I like your idea of just including their 'best' damage proc rather than the 17+ categories I tried to split them in to. So maybe |proc, |damage, and |best would be the ideal variables. And then the columns for the item tables would be %, Proc, DPS, Best DPS.

Let me know your thoughts.

Yellow47 (talk)15:32, 28 March 2014

- Concerning the work amount: I agree it's huge and many cells will be empty at start... good way to bring in more active participants :)
- Your table is amazing but gives me headhache ;).
- Column tables: ok, but i have no clue about how to make the math formulas.
- Is there a way to add synergies (the 17 categories) in line instead of columns(known the fact an item can have several ones)?
If we can sort items by "synergy", then by "best dps", it would be perfect imho.

Simon (talk)17:31, 28 March 2014

Test on the H8 Helmet, as that set is the worse proc case i Know(8 procs on mechanized, with different values....)
I added a bunch of notes to the item page.
Is the value i did choose as Cap Damage right? (=AVERAGE DPS of the 8 procs, not the ABSOLUTE max proc, i.e. when all the 8 procs cumulate on 1s))

PS: a calculation guide to authors would be welcome, it took me over 2h to complete the task on that item.(lucky that all gear except MH/OH have same values)

Simon (talk)08:11, 30 March 2014

Engineering weapons: completed.

For the Gear: needs an additional column: Stat DPS+MaxDPS = Total DPS Value
(suggested color: lightcyan = green+blue , plus bold)
I tried to make it on my own but went lorst into the {{{{{{{}}}}}}} as i have no editor.

Simon (talk)07:35, 5 April 2014

Fusion Crystal

How about adding a new link under items for fusion crystal? Since it seem the game is starting to expand the fusion crystal inventory., 16 March 2014

remember to make it at LotS/Fusion Crystal

Zoycite (talk)21:22, 16 March 2014

Some days ago, I added on all fusion crystals the criteria "|FusionType=" with "Ability", "Statistic" and "Glow" as values. Yellow has "Creation of a Crystal Table" on his to do list, so the Crystals will all be all visible on the same way the engineering items are.

Simon (talk)06:29, 18 March 2014

LotS/Fusion Crystal page created and added to the main LotS page. Needs a check.

Simon (talk)12:54, 18 March 2014

It's good, but I don't know if the outland crystal is from mission boss drop, it seem to be from the mission drop, since I have 6 purple one now and I done the boss 2 time, but don't see any if I remember correctly, 21 March 2014

Changed. Thanks
PS: still 2 pages to "fuse" (ha-ha):
LotS/items/Fusion and LotS/Fusion_Crystal
Both are ok, one is linked to main page, the other to the Item tablehead

Simon (talk)18:07, 28 March 2014

Does anyone else think it might be a good idea to organize armour by sets, like a 5th planet armour set, a silj's armour set, etc?, 11 March 2014

yeah, but better to add procs(see my proposal above)... on that way, it will be easy to make a list with all the items, and the sets will be visible, as their items have generally the same proc values.
Not sure a "|setname" criteria is worth the work.
PS: sign in please

Simon (talk)08:14, 28 March 2014

I had sandboxed this a long time ago, but yeah, it's a decent amount of work. Something like:

{{LotS/ItemRow|Firestorm Battlesuit Helmet}}
{{LotS/ItemRow|Firestorm Battlesuit Chest}}
{{LotS/ItemRow|Firestorm Battlesuit Gauntlets}}
{{LotS/ItemRow|Firestorm Battlesuit Legs}}
{{LotS/ItemRow|Firestorm Battlesuit Boots}}
and then adding
to each of the items. I will commit to the templating (at least the first version of it) if someone will commit to the data parts of it.

Doomcat (talk) 16:41, 28 March 2014 (CDT)

Doomcat (talk)15:41, 28 March 2014

The One Big List of Raids FS/OS

So, I tried creating a new page with little luck. Because of that I created it over my talk page, its the start of a project I would to propose and see moving forward. It is simple to describe: A One Page with ALL raids FS/OS info.

Ideally we should have the possibility to rank the raids the way one see fits (I don't know if this is possible), at least with FS/OS and, perhaps other things as level, total health.

Anyway, I am not sure if I broke any rules by editing the Main page, but I thought that would be the easiest/fastest way to make the proposal for this project.

have a good day

Leg7go (talk)04:27, 13 March 2013