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The entrance to the Rabbit Hole Dungeon can be found just north-east of Falkreath.

The Rabbit Hole Dungeon on the Skyrim Map

Level 1

Summary: This is the easiest level. Even a lvl 1 character should be able to defeat all the enemies.

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Level 2

Summary: This level is filled with fire-based enemies. The fire shield offered in the previous safe room has a double edge: It offers resistance to fire, but weakness to frost

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Level 3

  • Encounter Zone
    • Min Lvl 20
  • Characters:
    • The Chick - (she only appears during your second playthrough)
  • Secrets:

Summary: This level is filled with undead enemies. Fire and silver weapons are effective. The safe room preceding this one has holy weapons, these have a chance of making your enemies flee

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Level 4


  1. This level is not linear like the others. You start off in the safe room, and can tackle the 5 stages in any order you wish.
  2. Each stage gives you a single key.
  3. Only with all 5 keys can you unlock the doors to Level 5

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Exiting the Level:

  1. Go back to the 'Hub' room, (lower level of the safe room)
  2. Opposite the 4 doors, there is a normal-looking imperial door, go out through this one
  3. There are 4 doors in a row you will have to unlock with all the keys you got
  4. To unlock the Puzzle Door, you need to use the Rabbit Hole Glass Claw you picked up in Stage 2

Level 5

Summary: This level features the largest bosses in Skyrim. Expect to have to look up frequently

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Level 6

  • Encounter Zone:
    • Min Level: 35

Summary: This level is upside down. Two Secrets are on the ceiling, so don't forget to look up!

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Level 7

Summary: This level is identical to Level 2, but backwards, and with higher level enemies

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Level 8

  • Encounter Zone
    • Min Lvl 45

Summary: Like Level 3, this level is filled with undead enemies. The safe room preceding this one has holy weapons that are more powerful than the ones you got in level 3

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Level 9


  1. Similar to Level 4, you start off in the safe room, and can tackle the 5 stages in any order you wish.
  2. In the basement, there is a room with 5 puzzle pillars. Each pillar corresponds to a stage in this level
    1. e.g. The pillar with the dwemer pipe behind it corresponds to the stage with the dwarven enemies.
    2. The pillar with the Imperial column behind it corresponds to the stage in the Imperial Fort
  3. After you defeat all the enemies in a stage, it will give you the answer to the puzzle pillar for that stage.
  4. You cannot leave level 9 until you set all the puzzle pillars to the correct symbol, and then pull the lever

Level 10

  • Encounter Zone
    • Min Level: 60

Summary: This is it! The Final level, the real prison built by Sheogorath to imprison the nefarious Great Hare! Unlike the previous levels, which where just shattered versions of this prison in various dimensions, this level in contiguous and has no loading screens.


  1. Kill the 8 Warlocks in the Imperial Tower
  2. Make your way to the second tower and kill the 4 Warlocks residing there
  3. Go through the door, and follow the water into the Green Cave with rabbits
    1. Notice the rabbit ears and the spoon? In this room and the connecting corridor you can see peek outside to realize you aren't in Skyrim anymore
  4. In the Catacombs there are two Draugr to kill
  5. Open the door to the Nordic Ruin and slay the 9 Forsworn
  6. Go down the stairs at the top of the Nordic Ruin, and follow the pipes to the Dwarven Ruin
  7. Kill the 2 Dwarven Centurions, 1 Dwarven Sphere and several Dwarven Spiders
  8. Walk through the only refrigerator in Skyrim, and make your way into the frozen prison beyond
  9. Kill the Bonus Boss that appears
  10. Kill the 5 Daedra that appear after killing the bonus boss
  11. Talk to the Great Hare to get your reward, a 'Summon Killer Rabbit' spell
  12. Go into the sewer to the Treasure Room

The Treasure Room[edit]

  1. The Treasure Room
  2. This room is similar to levels 4 and 9, but have no enemies, only lots and lots of Treasure
  3. There is a single, unenchanted Infinity-1 weapon in each stage of this level.
  4. There are many randomly generated weapons in this level. If you are lucky, you will get a random Infinity-1 weapon, or maybe even an Infinity+1 weapon!
  5. Choose your treasure carefully! Once you leave there is no guarantee the treasure you see in this level will remain. It will most likely respawn by the time you return to the treasure room again!
  6. The exit is in the basement of the safe room.