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The Rabbit Hole is full of secrets waiting for adventurers to find! All of the secrets are revealed here. This page is full of spoilers, so beware!

Easter Eggs[edit]

There is a hidden Easter Egg in each level, but you only need to find 5 for The Easter Bunny. After you give the bunny his eggs, he gives you a blessing that multiplies your speed by 50%!

Secret Keys[edit]

  1. In Level 2, Stage 2 there is a secret room with the most powerful weapons in The Rabbit Hole
  2. You will need to open the portcullis and unlock 10 secret doors in order to get into the secret room
  3. There is a secret key in each level of The Rabbit hole. Only by finding them all can you unlock all 10 secret doors
  4. Additionally, there is a chest in Level 6 Ice Cave, and the Treasure Room, that contains a random secret key (this changes every time the chest respawns)

There is a video walkthrough detailing every secret key location

Secret Lever[edit]

  1. There is a secret room with a giant Dwarven Lever.
  2. Pulling this lever will cause all the other secret dwarven levers in The Rabbit Hole to appear.
  3. When you pull a secret dwarven lever, it will do one of two things:
    1. Spawn a random enemy to fight
      1. said enemy could be something menacing (like a Giant Spider) or something harmless (like a rabbit)
    2. Spawn an NPC that is hostile to the normal enemies in this room
      1. Example: The Secret Lever in Level 8, Stage 5, spawns a Fire Mage, which is hostile and super-effective against the Vampires in this stage

Warp Zone[edit]

There is a 'Warp Zone' in an early Level that allows you to skip ahead to levels 6, 7, and 8. In combination with the Secret Rooms book, you can use this to skip ahead from level 1 to level 8