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The Easter Bunny[edit]

  • Found In: Level 1, Stage 1
  1. The Easter bunny gives you the one, and only, quest of the Rabbit Hole.
  2. Ask him where his eggs are in order to get the quest.
  3. There are 9 hidden Easter Eggs total in the dungeon, but you only have to find 5 in order to finish the quest
  4. After you give the bunny his eggs, he gives you an Easter Blessing that multiplies your speed by 50%!
  5. After completing this quest, you can return anytime to the Easter Bunny for a blessing

The Great Hare[edit]

  • Found In: Level 10

Arguably the main character of The Rabbit Hole, this poor wabbit was imprisoned by the mad Sheogorath. When he is freed, talk to him and he will give you the magic spell Summon Killer Bunny Rabbit


These fellows will join your Five Man Band

The Chick[edit]

  • Found In: Level 3, Stage 1, after you beat Level 3 and return a second time
  • The Chick is a master of archery

The Lancer[edit]

  • Found In: Level 4
  • The Lancer is a master of two-handed weapons

The Clever Mage[edit]

  • Found In: Level 6, Safe Room
  • The Clever Mage is a master of Destruction Spells

The Big Guy[edit]

  • Found In: Level 9
  • The Big Guy is a master of two-handed weapons