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4 Mobs here. 2 pyroclasm Armor and 2 Efreeti warlords. All are mezable and rootable however there is a caveat here.

The mobs have linked aggro and a large aggro radius, they are very likely to charge on spawn if the party has anyone with bad faction with Servants of Aalishai.

When you engage any of these mobs after a little while they will go inactive, by the game saying soandso has been stunned! The easiest thing to do is just CC mobs and wait for the inactive mob to come active again after about 10 to 15 seconds.

There are 3 achievements in this zone related to how you kill these mobs.

  • Inhabited - Kill both of the efreeti warlords before any pyroclasm armor
  • Uninhabited - Kill both pyroclasm armors before any efreeti warlords
  • Fire Free Zone - Kill an efreeti warlord and then the Inhabited pyroclasm armor. DPS is still important you have about 90 seconds from engagement to kill both.