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Name Time in Hours XP Reward Item Reward Customer Requirements Item Requirements
Gerbip Problem 4 20 Zazen Amulet Mercenary Hunter Evoker Iron bracers Healing Herbs Knife
Butterly Pests 8 69 Brightest rod Barbarian Thief Healer Club Antidote Healing Herbs
Mushrhum Rampage 16 160 2 Acid Mercenary Guard Healer Evoker Wooden buckler Sharp Spear Antidote Oaken Staff
Mushrhum Rampage 2 18 220 Mystical Hourglass Mercenary Engineer Evoker Hunter Claymore Studded Leather armor Oaken Staff Bow of precision
Charming Snakes 40 480 2 Phoenix Feather Bard Evoker Guard Elven flute Evoker's robe Dolphin buckler
Scared-Kurtey 60 912 3 Poison blade 2 Hunter Mercenary Composite bow Gambeson Highlander
Phantom Shield 68 1540 2 Platinum Hammer 2 Mercenary Guard Barbarian Fine sabaton Soldier's Sword Gladiator's trident Pole-axe
Furry Spiders 20 245 Platinum Hammer 2 Barbarian Healer Evoker Hand Axe Leather shield Ebonystaff Herbs Bundle
Gerbip Problem 2 10 140 Platinum Hammer Evoker Guard Healer Bard Dryad staff Broad-axe Sturdy shoes Health Vial
Losing Drums 25 312 2 Volcanic Rock Bard Mercenary Barbarian Guard Lute Chain mail Brass helmet Trident
Fairy Dusty 30 400 Mystical Hourglass 2 Evoker 2 Healer Wood elf staff Evoker's robe Sturdy shoes Earth scroll
Losing Drums 2 32 612 Platinum Hammer Thief Evoker Healer 2 Bard Fine boomerang Combat Staff Priest's robe Heavenly sandals Piercer
Scared-Kurtey 2 65 1470 2 Eternal Ice Healer 2 Hunter Thief Brightest rod Soft boots Fairy bow Boomerang
Bloglodyte Invasion? 72 1680 2 Eternal Ice 2 Barbarian Mercenary Evoker Half-plate Steel battle-axe White great sword Energy drink
Thieving Fox 35 612 2 Faery's Tear 3 Thief Mercenary Bard Fire Dagger Steel blade Cow leather armor Long gloves Brisk Beverage
Thieving Fox 2 40 960 2 Volcanic Rock Illusionist 2 Thief Mercenary Healer Wounding knives Gambeson Soft boots Guard mail Cleric's robe
Definitely Not-a-Rat 75 2000 Magical Key Healer 2 Thief Hunter Healerstaff Lightning bolts Captain's helmet Silk bow
Phantom Shield 2 75 2080 Golden Silk Mercenary Guard Barbarian Knight Flexible plate Spectacular gauntlets Steel battle-axe Gladiator's trident
Frock's Rocks 45 825 3 Gems Mercenary Guard Engineer Hunter Healer Zhanmadao Knight's hauberk Soldier's helmet Bow of precision Zazen amulet
Lost Explorers 80 2400 2 Platinum Hammer 2 Engineer Mercenary Bard Lightning bolt Resistance gloves Crushing sledgehammer Bagpipes
Ninjusurtle 78 2160 2 Abyss Shell Thief Barbarian Bard Engineer Kris Sturdy pole-axe Lute Sniper rifle
Captain Cacti's Crew 60 1380 2 Abyss Shell 2 Guard Hunter Engineer 2 Healer Full plate Sturdy pole-axe Insulated fur boots Noble leather Elfwood vambrace Dark staff
Snail With Mail 82 2976 2 Mystical Hourglass 2 Guard Evoker Healer Engineer Fine lance of the wolf Blessed helm Skeleton staff Healerstaff Sharpshooter
Lost Explorers 2 85 3150 2 Demon Horn Hunter Illusionist Musketeer Barbarian Fairy bow Quickdraw pistol Mailbreaker War labrys
Frock's Rocks 2 50 2100 Starry Coupon Illusionist Guard Hunter 2 Engineer Bard Black bombs Kabuto Civil bow Plated leather armor Gold dragon Twin flute
Ninjusurtle 2 83 3072 2 Demon Horn Knight Barbarian Guard Healer Mercenary Trusty lance Pirate axe Plate of the moon Elfwood vambrace Full plate
Annoying Belicans 80 2241 3 Phoenix Feather Mercenary Barbarian Thief Hunter Bard Evoker Spider shield Enchanted labrys Boomerang Elf bow Harmonious flute Ring of wizardry
Dangerous Slopes 90 3600 Magical Key Hunter Evoker Thief Guard Ebony bow Cloak of concealment Crimson heart Gaia's spine
Zombullying 85 3888 Starry Coupon 3 Knight Mercenary Healer Frost axe Iron plate armor Spectacular gauntlets War mask Elemental rod
Dangerous Slopes 2 95 5400 2 Dark staff Illusionist Hunter Bard Thief Musketeer Wounding knives Gladiator's helmet Bagpipes Frost shuriken Sacrificial blade
Snail With Mail 2 90 4104 20 Mithril Lumps Barbarian Guard Knight Evoker Engineer Stone Axe Great armor Flying partisan Stone hands Noble's gloves
Tricloptic Mayhem 105 6050 3 Faery's Tear 2 Mercenary Evoker Hunter Engineer Murasame Sapphire staff Gemeni Paladin's helmet ???
Dizzy Gloats 92 4428 2 Moon Stone 2 Thief Mercenary Guard Bard Fire dagger Evasive armor War priest's mace Transmundane pike Celestial harp
Tricloptic Mayhem 2 110 7260 Mystical Hourglass Bard Hunter Thief 2 Musketeer Dragon pipes Double shot Flux shuriken Crimson heart Dragon leather
Wolf Riders Riding 95 6020 2 Golden Silk Bard 2 Barbarian Mercenary Guard Thief Lord's Robe War priest's mace Man handlers Warrior's sabaton Poseidon Toxic blade