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Resources regenerate over real time based on the level of buildings in your city, each resource is tied to a specific building which allows for it to be generated faster.

Resources are sorted into four tiers, which determine the costs and capacity caps of their respective bins.

Image Resource Tier Level Building
Iron Ore Iron Ore 1 Iron Mine
Wood Wood 1 Sawmill
Wild Herbs Wild Herbs 1 Garden
Raw Leather Raw Leather 1 Tannery
Fabric Fabric 1 Fabric Mill
Powder Powder 2 Fissure
Dyes Dyes 2 Traders
Elfwood Sticks Elfwood Sticks 2 Elfwood Grove
Glass Glass 2 Glass Plant
Oil Oil 3 Refinery
Ironwood Ironwood 3 Ironwood Factory
Steel Rods Steel Rods 3 Steel Foundry
Crystal Crystal 4 Crystal Quarry
Gems Gems 4 Volcano
Mithril Lumps Mithril Lumps 4 Mysterious Pillars