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Human Tasks[edit]

  • Create each worker page with flow chart of items they make
  • (bug) Fix Module template to not display rows that don't really exist for the module
  • Update Fame table to categorize unlock table, add all unlocks to it
  • Worker Table should be setup with VarPull once worker pages exist
  • City Improvements template needs to be created
  • Customers template needs to be created
  • Event Quest template needs to be created
  • Dungeon Quest template needs to be created
  • City Quest Page needs to be written
  • Achievement template needs to be created
  • Recipe template needs to be updated to not look ugly

Bot Tasks (properly read zoy tasks)[edit]

  • DONE Item List Pages need to be generated for each item category
  • DONE - Parse improvements.txt for all City Improvements
  • Parse customers.txt for all Customers
  • DONE - Parse recipe_unlock.txt to create all recipe unlock pages
  • Parse quests.txt for Event Quests
  • Parse hunts.txt for all Dungeon Quests
  • Improve item template creation to list what recipes require the item.
  • DONE Bot working in build system
  • DONE Images for items
  • DONE Images for modules