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Vunlac Size Max Players Tactics Timer Cooldown
Medium 50 2 36 Hours 60 hours
Difficulty Health Fair Share Optimal Share
Normal 1,500,000,000 30,000,000 66,000,000
Hard 1,950,000,000 39,000,000 85,800,000
Legendary 2,400,000,000 48,000,000 105,600,000
Nightmare 3,000,000,000 60,000,000 132,000,000
Medium, Besalaad, Male, Zone 19
The hulking Besalaad mercenary stood between Wu Tenchu and his goal. That wasn't a wise decision.
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Brown Heaven and Hell Projection Brown Heaven and Hell Projection]]
Grey Heaven and Hell Projection Grey Heaven and Hell Projection]]
Brown Holo-Journal Brown Holo-Journal]]
Grey Holo-Journal Grey Holo-Journal]]
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Green Heaven and Hell Projection Green Heaven and Hell Projection]]
Blue Heaven and Hell Projection Blue Heaven and Hell Projection]]
Green Holo-Journal Green Holo-Journal]]
Blue Holo-Journal Blue Holo-Journal]]
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Purple Heaven and Hell Projection Purple Heaven and Hell Projection]]
Purple Holo-Journal Purple Holo-Journal]]
Super Snuuth Super Snuuth]]
Vlarg Salvager Vlarg Salvager]]
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Orange Heaven and Hell Projection Orange Heaven and Hell Projection]]
Orange Holo-Journal Orange Holo-Journal]]
Fallen Angel Reader Fallen Angel Reader]] Hard+
Piscarian Fallen Angel Piscarian Fallen Angel]] Hard+
Angelic Peacemaker Angelic Peacemaker]] Legendary+
Kanup Nund Kanup Nund]] Legendary+
Grey Niflung Storm Trophy Grey Niflung Storm Trophy]] Nightmare Only
Grey Broken Hat Grey Broken Hat]] Nightmare Only
Green Odyssey Schematics Green Odyssey Schematics]] Nightmare Only